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Eli&You Baby body wash review

I just can’t stop fussing about Eli&you!  Last time I told you about their baby barrier balm, which is absolutely amazing.. (read it here) and now I introduce to you Eli&you baby body wash!

After loving the barrier balm, I was super keen to try out some more of their stuff.  I searched for a baby wash that was gentle and didn’t dry out little L’s skin, as I was still on the lookout for some eczema to pop out!  I started off washing him with aqueous cream, but I wasn’t so happy with it so I went looking at other popular store products, but none of them worked.  The one brand, which was supposed to be for dry skin, actually made it worse!

So I recalled Eli&you stocking a baby body wash and luckily it’s readily available online!  I immediately ordered it and from the first wash, this product amazed me!  It smells fantastic but is still kind to his sensitive and gentle skin.  His skin is never dry after a bath and it’s almost as if the smell calms him too!

The only thing I would criticize about this product is the packaging.  Although the glass is so pretty, its quite a mission when giving a little fidgety person a bath getting the wash out.  I tended to use way to much, so it would be useful if it could have a pump dispenser lid!  I DIYéd one from a handwash pump I had at home which luckily fit the bottle!

Some of the main ingredients & their benefits from their website:

  • Coconut – Offers gentle hydration and has some antimicrobial properties that help keep skin healthy
  • Lavender – Antibacterial properties, soothes the skin with a calming aroma

What is your go-to baby brand?

Buy it directly from Eli&You|Faithful to Nature |Wellness Warehouse


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