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Room Diffuser

Try making this DIY room diffuser using only 3 ingredients!

Diffusers can be very expensive! But there is nothing like walking into a room and the smell of lavender or roses filling your senses.

  1. Take a pretty glass bottle or container (I used the container of the previous diffuser I bought) and make sure its clean.
  2. Pour about 125 ml of sunflower or almond oil into the container.
  3. Add 60 ml of pure alcohol (available at most supermarkets or pharmacies) and about 30 drops of essential oil. I used lavender, but are definitely trying rose geranium next time!
  4. Take 3 – 5 wooden skewer sticks and arrange them in the container. Turn the sticks the following couple of days to ensure most of the oil is absorbed and the scent are able to fill the room.

And voila – you have your own inexpensive diffuser!

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