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Book Review: Garden Spells – Sarah Addison Allen

“When you’re happy for yourself, it fills you. When you’re happy for someone else, it pours over.” – Garden spells

Garden Spells I read Garden Spells after having it for a few weeks on my bookshelf already. This is not a unregular occurrence – me buying loads of books at my favourite “bargain bookshops”, only reading them muuuuch later. After a difficult week at work and personally (I just had my wisdom teeth removed!), I was stuck at home – literally – and not in the greatest of moods. So I had a look through my bookshelf, with ice on both cheeks… Sarah Addison Allen became one of my favourite authors over that weekend. Relaxed, uplifting and magical are a few words I would use to describe Garden Spells. I connected with the main character (Claire) and her struggles to let go and let in. It almost feels as if you grow with Claire. I needed Garden Spells that weekend. And I needed that apple tree as well. Have a read – you won’t regret it! See the back-end below:

Welcome to Bascom,North Carolina, where it seems that everyone has a story to tell about the Waverley women. The house that’s been in the family for generations, the walled garden that mysteriously blooms year round, the rumours of dangerous loves and tragic passions. Every Waverley woman is somehow touched by magic.                                                                                     Claire has always clung to the Waverleys’ roots, tending the enchanted soil in the family garden from which she makes her sought-after delicacies – famed and feared for their curious effects. She has everything she thinks she needs – until one day she waked to find a stranger has moved in next door and a vine of ivy has crept into her garden . . . Claire’s carefully tended life is about to run gloriously out of control.

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