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Renewing my cast iron mortar & pestle

mortar and pestleDuring our road trip to the Eastern Cape we made a point of stopping in every town we drove through and visiting the most quirky and unique shops or restaurants we could find. We met many locals, found wonderful treasures as souvenirs, left every town richer and excited for what we could find next.

In Uitenhage we went on quite an antique shopping spree. One of my finds was a cast iron mortar and pestle I bought at The Golden Eagle. I always wanted a mortar and pestle and at the bargain price I found this set I just could not resist. There was just one small problem – both the mortar and pestle were rusted and quite filthy and not ready for use in my kitchen.

Who better to ask than the owner of the shop on how to clean my mortar and pestle?! She was armed and ready with an answer:

  • Scrub both the mortar and the pestle in very soapy warm water with a wire brush.
  • Take slices of lemon and about a teaspoon of baking soda and grind it with strong movements in the mortar with the pestle. You can keep the mixture in the mortar for a few hours.
  • Clean the mortar and pestle again in warm soapy water and dry very thoroughly.

Now, to try and test some new spice combinations!

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