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How to: Annie Sloan Introduction


A few years ago my mom took me to Paint and Décor (a super cool hobby/paint shop in Stellenbosch Square, between Stellenbosch and Somerset West) to show me this new paint she heard of.

I love wandering through craft shops with my mom and went along excitedly. Little did I know what awesome projects awaited me! My mother did her research thoroughly before visiting the shop and it was as if she took on the role of salesperson. She pitched Annie Sloan’s Chalk paint to me with excitement and together we dreamt of all the furniture we could revamp using this amazing product.

There are many advantages using Annie Sloan paint, besides the beautiful colours available:

  • The paint is odorless and safe to use. No need for thinners and harsh chemicals to clean your hands and brushes. The paint washes out with warm water.
  • The paint easily covers all surfaces (from wood to plastic – I even tried glass) and there is rarely a need to sand or prime. Most times simply cleaning and dusting off the surface will do.
  • The paint really goes a long way! Just wet your brush, dip it in your pot of paint and get creative. You can also mix a bit of the paint with water in a container when painting a larger surface.
  • It is easy to create the vintage or lime-washed look with Annie Sloan’s paint. The brown wax that is available also broadens your options.
  • Its easy to create texture with Annie Sloan paint: Just add less water than normal and with the thicker paint create deeper brush strokes.

See some of the smaller projects below where we have used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. Be sure to look out for our How-To’s on this paint-wonder in the future.

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