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Book Review : A man called Ove

Today on the blog we have a special feature book review by Wilandri Basson from A study in powder.  Thea and I have both known Wilandri for a while now and was very excited when she agreed to write a review for us!!

We love the authenticity of her blog and my personal favorite is all the hidden gems she reveals while visiting new places near and far!

A Man Called Ove by Frederik Backman

“People said Ove saw the world in black and IMG_7050white. But she was color. All the color
A Man Called Ove is the first novel by Swedish blogger Fredrik Backman. The novel
tells the story of Ove, a 59-year-old Swede who sees the world as black and white and
who is not afraid to admit it. He is an old fashioned gentleman, a man of few words,
an honest but grumpy guy. Ove’s story begins at a “counter of a shop where owners
of Japanese cars come to purchase white cables” where he is trying to buy an “O-Pad”
as he mistakenly calls it. Chapter 1 immediately sets the tone for the rest of the book.

Filled with funny antics and witty commentary on the habits of daily life. Ove has had
his share of a tough life and his history is slowly revealed throughout the book as the
writer jumps from present life to Ove’s background tale.

Ove’s perfectly constructed world is turned upside down when a new family moves in
next-door and sparks a series of events that will have you laughing and crying out
loud. Backman’s story is fairly predictable, but is part of the heart of the story. A Man
Called Ove will still surprise you in its predictability and will make you question the
meaning of life and the value of friendship and love. The book is filled with the most
beautiful quotes and words of wisdom. Write some down. Like this one.

“She believed in destiny. That all the roads you walk in life, in one way or another
‘lead to what has been predetermined for you’. Ove, of course, just started muttering
under his breath and got very busy fiddling about with a screw or something
whenever she started going on like this. But he never disagreed with her. Maybe to
her destiny was ‘something’, that was none of his business. But to him, destiny was

by Wilandri Basson


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