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Create a succulent garden

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Flat-living can become depressing now and again. Especially for small town girls like us at Burst. I myself feel caged in sometimes, as if I need to go for a hike in the mountains for a bit air when the day was to long and my flat is not "home" enough.

I grew up in Namaqualand, a semi-desert region in South Africa, near the border of Namibia. With not much water and a household without green fingers, the koppie behind my parents house was our garden and the Kwekerboom and large fat plants were our flowers. Except for the few weeks after winter when the veld are covered with actual wild flowers of course!

In the Boland however, we are surrounded by probably the most beautiful scenery in the world. With fruit orchards and wine estates around every corner  our world seems green and fresh. But I long for the simple green treasures of the drier regions and what easier way than with some potted succulents to bring some of that "home" feeling into my everyday life. And with a water scarce on our hands, what better ecological why to prettify my house.

My boyfriend bought me my first succulent in Montagu a few months back, but after a visit to family in Hermanus the bug bit hard! My gran's sister gave me fat plants of every size and colour out of her garden to start my own little succulent "colony". Sharing is caring as they say!

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Follow these instructions to replant a succulent:

You need:
Succulent plants (easy to find and widely available at nurseries)
Potting mix suited to succulents (usually quite coarse)
Cute pots, make sure it has a drainage hole in the bottom

How to:    

1. To remove the succulent from the pot you bought it in, carefully turn it upside down. If the succulent is spiky, use a tea towel to stop it pricking you. Shake the plant out.

2. Put some soil into the bottom of the new pot.

3. Put the plant into the pot, cover the roots of your plant with more soil and then use you fingers to push the soil firmly down the sides of the plant. Pack the soil firmly.

4. Water the soil a little but be careful not to drown your succulent.

Voila!!! There you have it - easy for even the most unexperienced gardener! Plant a few in pretty pots, arange and re-arange to create your own in-house garden.

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