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Brandy Chocolate Bundt Cake

This is a recipe I have known and loved since a child! My mom used to make this cake for special occasions and it was always such a treat! I have no idea where the recipe comes from so I will share it as I know it.


Ingredients Syrup:

375ml Sugar
500ml Water
50ml Brandy

Heat the syrup in a pot until it reaches boiling point and let it cool.

Ingredients Dough:

1 slab whole nut chocolate
250g butter
125ml Sugar
5 eggs
20ml Brandy
250ml Cake flour
10ml baking powder

Using a bundt pan, rub some butter on the inside.
Melt the chocolate and butter together and add to a mixing bowl. Pour in the sugar and mix in the eggs one by one. Add the brandy and sift the dry ingredients into the mix.
Pour the mixture into the bundt pan and bake in the oven at 180’C for 30 min.

When you remove the cake from the oven, immediately pour the syrup over the cake in the pan. Let it cool and place it on a serving plate.

Ingredients Chocolate Covering:

1 slak milk chocolate
250ml Cream
1 flake

Melt the chocolate and spread over the cake. Beat the cream and add to the hole in the centre of the cake. Sprinkle with flake for an over the top chocolate treat!

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