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Valentines Gift-wish-list

We have created the perfect combination of gifts easy to buy for a valentine!

And we are pretty sure that you will either love getting these or the person you are buying this for will hug you for buying it! I know valentines day is very corny and has been made out to be this day where you have to be in love la di da..well we are here to tell you that you can make it an awesome day without even having someone special in your life!

Buy yourself a gift, or buy a good friend something! Have an all girls valentines dinner and celebrate your friendship! And maybe if you have that someone special in your life send this wish list on to them to make sure you get what you want 😉

Love a little

Valentines Wish List

1. Raspberry body butter – The Body shop
2. Essie – spaghetti strap 
3. Pongracz Rose –  On special for R99 at Checkers!
4. Luigi Barmioli cups – Yuppiechef R400
5. Le Creuset utensils – Various prices
6. Blossom hand& nail cream – Woolworths
7. Makeup bag from Zana
8. Valentines Matthew Mole concert – Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts R150
9. Pink Peonies – My favorite flowers (ok so this is impossible seeing as they are only available for like 3 weeks in South Africa but you can wish!)

So make it a great day, spend it with your loved one or with friends! Love is free to give.


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