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Cement Pots Do-it-yourself

I loved giving these cement pots to my wedding guests as gifts!

I truly hope they loved it just as much:)  When we started talking about what to give our guests we wanted to give them something they could reuse, but that will also remind them of our special day and of me and Johan.  We both love plants and the outdoors – so after many discussions these cement pots with succulents were the most suitable gift we could think of!

I asked my uncle to make these lovely cement pots and he shared his step by step guide with me.  It is really so easy to make! He made some pots for our new home in various sizes and I just love using them all around the house!

What you need:

  • 2 Plastic Containers depending on the size of the pot you want (the small pots as seen in this post were made from a big container Ø100mm H 75mm and a small container Ø70mm H 50mm)
  • Cement Mixture


  1. Spray the inside of the big container and the outside of the small container with “Spray and Cook”
  2. Make holes in both containers where a skewer stick will be pushed through later as seen in the picture (where the hearts are).
  3. Mix the cement – 2 Units sand, 1 unit cement and 1 unit cold water and stir until it has a yoghurt like texture. (the units are based on how much you need to make for one pot)
  4. Throw the cement mixture 3/4 into the big container and press the small container into the mixture.  It should not run over.
  5. Press the skewer stick through the holes and throw sand in the small container to provide a counter weight.

    Step-by-step cement pots


  6. Let it stand for 24 hours.
  7. Remove the skewer stick, and the small container. Tip the big container to let the pot slide out.
  8. Let it dry completely and sand with fine sandpaper to smoothen the edges.
Letting the cement pots dry

Letting the cement pots dry


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