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This is one artist you have to keep an eye on!!

We absolutely adore all Karien van Langelaar’s delicately handmade pieces and can not get enough of her unique and creative work. We are super excited to introduce kvl designs to all our readers:


How did you get started in jewellery designing/making? 

Since an early age I’ve had an interest in fine art and creative activities. The Art Department in Stellenbosch offered me the opportunity to study Jewellery and Metal Technique. Through jewellery designing and manufacturing I am able to express my passion for creativity.
What was the piece that made you think “yes, I can do this”? 

I was selected to be part of the emerging creatives of Design Indaba 2015 – after a weekend full of positive feedback and enjoyment exposing my work, I knew I could do jewellery for a living and build my own brand.

Are there any artists or jewellery designers you admire and can you tell us why you admire them?

As a student, I drew my inspiration from a contemporary jewellery artist, Lauren Kalman. Her work was fascinating as she pushed the boundaries of conceptual jewellery.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

I draw my inspiration from natures’ beautiful hollow shapes, forms and textures. See some of my sketches below:

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Have you developed a ‘signature’ style yet? If you have, how would you describe it?

I have developed a style that expresses who I am and where I draw my inspiration from. Its best described as an organic, down to earth look with a variety of shapes, textures and finishes.

Do you custom make pieces if the opportunity arises?

Yes, I regularly make custom pieces in sterling silver on request. I also facilitate the designing and manufacturing of pieces in precious metals. How the process works is, the client brings an idea which I use to design and create renderings where after the client can choose a design to be manufactured. I source the precious metals and gemstones.

What skill or technique would you like to learn?

I would love to do a course in glass blowing and eventually incorporate this technique with my jewellery work.

What are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on an exclusive floral range for a gallery in Johannesburg. I’m also working on stock for exciting stockists coming soon!

And how/where can Burst-readers get hold of some of your beautiful work?

Burst-readers can message me any time on my Facebook page – kvldesigns. You can also visit me at ‘The Made in The Cape’ Market held once a month in Cavendish. My Facebook page will also have updates on which markets and fairs I’ll be exhibiting at.

Fascinate Photography took some shots at Sunset Beach to showcase some of her jewellery a while ago. Have a look at more images here.





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