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Date in a Box

We are so lucky to have received a Date night surprise from Date-in-a-box I couldn’t wait to share it with you!

I have always been such a strong supporter of date-nights, so when I saw this genius creation I immediately contacted them.  Date in a box is a young business only a few months old, and their second box went out in March.  Their mission is to truly help couples rediscover the importance of date night by making it fun and easy.  Life often gets so busy that one tends to forget about spending quality time together, not even talking about planning date night, and this is where date in a box comes in.  They make it so easy by sending you a box once a month with a whole night planned.  Everything you need included in the box.


You can order your box monthly (just before the 15th) and then in the last week of the month you receive your box! Every box is a surprise and different so you never know what you will be doing, how exciting!

I absolutely love this idea.  Date nights create the perfect chance to really just spend time with the one you love.  We live in such a rushed world, that we tend to forget the person closest to us.  This allows you to effortlessly have a date night once a month and fill up on your love tank.

As the saying goes “The best thing you can ever give to someone is TIME, because you’re giving them something you can never get back.”

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We have a big surprise for all our followers! Like and share Date in a box on facebook and use the promo code DIS001 when ordering your April Box to get 10% discount! Yaay! Even more reason to get date-nighting! 😉

(Date in a box is currently building their amazing and easy to use website which will allow you to order monthly or on a subscription basis.  Be on the lookout for their web launch!)

Lots of love xx

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