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Marble Tile Coasters DIY

Marble Tile CoastersFinding these pretty square marble tiles at a thrift store inspired a super quick and easy DIY for Marble Tile Coasters.

See the steps below to create your own modern coasters:

You need:
  • Marble tiles (squares) – It does not have to be marble! Any pretty tile will do!
  • Wood glue
  • Cork Sheet
  • Stainless steel ruler, cutting board and utility knife
To do:
  • Measure your tiles and trace a square on the cork sheet. Remember to measure every tile because it may slightly differ in size.
  • Put an ample amount of glue on the wrong (the rougher) side of your tile and fit the cork sheet precisely on the tile. Make sure to rub the cork neatly onto the block wiping away excess glue that can pop out at the edges. It is better to glue the cork as good as possible – it is easy to clean up the access glue while it is not dry yet. The cork sheet is fragile and can tear easily. It is thus important to clean the tile and cork carefully  as soon as possible.
  • Let the tiles dry overnight.Marble Tile Coasters

YEY! Your own pretty coasters to add a special element to your next tea-party! Happy DIY-ing!

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