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Spotlight : Dusty Mountain Designs

When I stumbled upon Dusty Mountain Designs I knew I had to contact Elizabeth immediately!

We had the great opportunity to get to know her a little bit better...

Dusty Mountain

1. Who is Elizabeth?
I am a real ‘plaasmeisie’ from the Boland. I grew up amidst the mountains and vineyards. I am a self-acclaimed foodie and love trying out all the latest food trends. I like being active especially if it involves being outdoors. I have three younger sisters, who are my best friends. In 2014 I got married to my high school sweetheart, and we now spend our days in Stellenbosch taking long walks and eating deliciously healthy foods. 


2.  How did you start out as a Graphic Designer and Illustrator?

After I reviewed all the options that tertiary institutions had to offer, I opted for something in the creative arts, Graphic Design . I was not quite sure what exactly it all entailed so I always jokingly like to say that, Graphic Design chose me, rather than me choosing it. After my studies in Graphic Design I knew that I had a fond interest in Illustration and went on to do a postgraduate degree in that.

3.   How and when did Dusty Mountain come to life?

Dusty Mountain was always my little side project to keep all my ideas and dreams alive. I was lucky enough to pursue it full time at the beginning of last year and since then there has been no looking back.

4.   What would you say is your favourite part of designing?

I like the fun bits; dreaming up ideas and developing artworks and illustrations.

5.   Are there any other graphic designers / illustrators you admire and why?

YES! We have amazing talented artists in South Africa whose work I love and admire. I am in awe of Lorraine Loots’ paintings for ants and Maria Magdalena van Wyk‘s intricate line drawings are truly exceptional. I admire both of their work respectively for their amazing craftsmanship; something only achieved by endless amounts of practice. Passion and dedication is what comes to mind; keep on doing what you’re doing and do it well!

6.   Where do you get your inspiration for your designs from?

Well, I do believe that your surrounding rubs off on you. Things you feel, see and experience spark a little idea. And then of course the most ingenious invention of our time...Pinterest. Looking at what is going on in the world, keeping up with trends and seeing what other people are trying gives me ideas to use and interpret in my work.

7.   Have you developed a signature style?

The short answer is no, I have come to realise that a signature style is not something you develop it is something you were born with .This is a question that I and many young creatives struggle with. So here is the thing: forget about having a style, because you already have it. Just keep on doing what you are doing, once you look back to all your creations you’ll see that with everything you do a little bit of yourself will give off onto it , and it will be recognisable as being “yours”. The other fear of course is that, ‘well what if people do not like my style, do I have to try and change it’. There is no use in not being yourself, being yourself is what will make your work unique. A wise person once told me, if you like it someone else is bound to like it too. Relax, enjoy, create!

8.   What would you still like to learn more about?

I am very interested in calligraphy at the moment and trying my hardest to master dip pens, I am getting there

9.   What is your biggest project you are currently working on?

I am collaborating with a couple of other creatives to create some lovely product ranges and I am also working hard on expanding my own range of stationery and product across several platforms

10.   Where can burst readers get some of you lovely stationary, designs and illustrations?

Locally I have a small collection of items on hello pretty; I also have an exclusive range of stationery available on the Invitation Gallery. Internationally I have started my society 6 store and will be adding more items shortly.

For anyone wanting to check her out:





Elizabeth was so amazing -she created some very cute kitchen stationary available to download soon!

Here is a little sneak {PEAK} - see what I did there. 😉

Dusty Mountain

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