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Kitchen Stationery DIY – Dusty Mountain Designs

Elizabeth from Dusty Mountain Designs we interviewed here gives each reader the opportunity to make their kitchen pretty with these easy printable kitchen stationery designs!

Dusty Mountain Designs - kitchen stationery 13_stomped

So I have a confession to make – I have a weakness – I cannot throw away any glass jars.  Whatever the size, I keep them because someday I might just need them!  I have noticed lately that more and more products are being sold in plastic containers, which might make more sense but glass makes it feel better – tastier and more home made.  Dusty Mountain Designs - kitchen stationery 04_stomped

When these designs landed in my inbox I loved that you can use it to make your own Coffee and tea canisters from glass containers! Talk about reuse and recycle!

The recipe cards are just as gorgeous.  They are such great gifts as well, writing down your favorite recipe and adding it to a gift as a personal touch!  Even using these cards to collect recipes from all the ladies attending your kitchen tea!

So lets get to it:

Click on the image, right-click-save the file and follow the instructions at the bottom.Dusty Mountain Designs - kitchen stationery-02-02Dusty Mountain Designs - kitchen stationery-01

Hope you enjoy these freebies, and thanks to Elizabeth who made it possible!

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