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DIY for Mother’s Day

This coming Sunday we celebrate mothers all around the world and it is the perfect time to showcase your skills and give your mom a thoughtful gift.


This very simple DIY reflects our South-African roots with Rooibos tea from Annique, a cute Afrikaans quote and simple but feminine packaging done with a brown paper bag, washi tape and a paper flower. Anyone can do it and all mothers will love it!

The steps are simple:

  1. Buy a selection of Rooibos tea - these from Annique are staples in my mom's house. In other words: USEFUL! I know she loves the tea and will use it.
  2. Get a decent brown paper bag and write a quote (or make a sketch - each to his own!) that will definitely make it clear how much you appreciate your mother.
  3. And make it pretty with washi tape and decorations of choice.
  4. There you go! Give your mom a tight hug while your at it!

As stated on Annique's website:

It is well known that the benefits of Rooibos tea extend far beyond the seams of the actual teabag. Worldwide, scientific research has been done on Rooibos over the past two decades and new discoveries continue to be made about this indigenous wonder-herb.

See the benefits and a list of suppliers on Annique's website here!

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