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Franschhoek Boutique Hotel – Midweek breakaway

Llewellyn from the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel invited us over for two nights last week, and we had such a lovely time visiting this new establishment in Franschhoek!


Johan and I arrived late in the afternoon and were welcomed at reception by very friendly staff, a lovely fireplace and a glass of exquisite red wine! It felt like arriving at home after a long day, we could just settle in and relax right there! We were then taken to our room, Sapphire, where we had our own little fireplace keeping our room nice and comfy! (more about this now)

Franschoek Boutique Hotel

The Franschhoek Boutique Hotel is situated just off the main road which makes it the perfect spot to stay when you want to explore Franschhoek. Allora, an authentic Italian restaurant is right by the hotel and we decided to give it a go seeing as it was so close we could enjoy a nice bottle of red wine and walk back to our room.  Oh the food was divine! Definitely the place to go if you are looking for Italian cuisine.

We had a good nights rest and woke up looking for some coffee but found Nomu Hot Chocolate in our room - hot chocolate heaven - is all I can say. We then headed down to breakfast, where we were totally spoilt - again! The fruit was so fresh and tasty, and the breakfast menu had so much to choose from!


The second evening they were so kind to offer Thea a room as well and she chose to stay in Blanc, which is right next to our room.  So just to make it really interesting we are having a face-off to prove whose room was the best!

Room : Sapphire

From Lindi's perspective:


I loved the feeling I got when walking into this room! It felt warm, cozy and inviting. The interior doesn't match, but it does? That sounds weird, I know but it just works.  I loved all the colours, it was one of the most colourful rooms I have ever stayed in.  The inspiration of this room comes from the bo-kaap in Cape Town, which consists of brightly coloured houses all lined up on the streets.


You see that bright blue tub? How cool is that? I have never seen one like it, but I love it. I want it in my house! The bathroom also boasts a huge shower and makes you want to shower for days! The room leads into the bathroom with sliding doors which, if you are more private, can be closed completely.  This Hotel drips of luxury, and I enjoyed every minute of our stay!


I appreciated every bit of funkiness in this room. It is such a cool inspiration for our blog because it brings so much life by bringing in bursts of colour! I tend to lean more to the Blanc kind of life - everything in grey and white - but this room has given me so much ideas to bring into my own home.


Room : Blanc

From Thea's perspective:


This room is drenched in luxury - from the bedding to the bathroom. Walking in you already feel super spoilt. The overall colour scheme is white, grey and beige - from there the name Blanc is obviously derived.



The interior of the room was done superbly with all items unique but matching in so many ways. The desk lamp, the chair, the couch, the (super beautiful!) orchid is connected, somehow making the whole picture beautiful! The bedroom flows into the bathroom with the modern bath and sparkly white shower. The shower gel from Healing Earth had me showering 3 times during my stay of 1 night! The smell is divine and fills your senses.


After making the best hot chocolate from NOMU using the well fitted kitchenette, I climbed into bed and was totally absorbed by the soft crispy white sheets. It felt like sleeping on a cloud!



So now you can decide! They have 4 other rooms to choose from as well: 

Hennesy - which is dark and leather - more manly

Aztec - Getting inspiration from all things geometric

Hestia - "goddess of the hearth, home, architecture and family"

Palm - Exactly that - Palm trees and bronze glamour

They are currently having a super secret season special, so don't postpone and book your weekend of pure bliss at this fantastic establishment!!

Find out more about their rooms and rates on the Franschhoek Boutique Hotel Website or on social media:


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