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Hanni Clothing Designs

So much excitement went down at our first styled shoot this weekend!

When we spotted hanni designs on Facebook we immediately liked it.  It had a ring to it, the name, the designs, the style.  So Johanni was so kind to give us some clothing from her latest range GROUNDED to do a styled shoot.  We absolutely loved styling this and working with our wonderful team, the talented up and coming make-up artist Luhanie Ehlers and gorgeous  model Anine Roos in the glorious Stellenbosch surroundings.

[ The Nude Goddess Dress :  Flowy  |  Feminine  |  Soft  |  Versatile  |  Stylish ]

hanni designs





So before we carry on let’s get to know Johanni from hanni designs a bit better.

1. Who is Johanni?

I am a 24 year old Style enthusiast. I love dressing up but I love dressing other people even more- the boost in confidence people gain after receiving a make-over is really something special to witness. I love art, reading, photography, outdoor activities and design. I hope to be a famous designer one day and I’m loving the journey. I have learned so much since my 4 years at Tuks studying Consumer Science and I don’t think the learning will ever stop. Fashion is an ever changing business which is one of the reasons I love it so much. Our clothes are not merely a cover, they are an outer layer with which we convey a little of the things that language could not.

2. When and where did hanni designs start out?

Hanni was launched just over a year ago with one goal in mind- to create a brand that can help young women express themselves through the clothes they wear and add something different to the South African fashion scene. I started and am still working from a house I share with my 3 best friends!

[ The Emerald Goddess Dress :  Flowy  |  Strong |  Sexy |  Edgy  |  Stylish ]

hanni designs






3. Where do you get your inspiration for your designs from?

The pieces are inspired by and designed to be reminders of the beautiful details that life reveals to all who are willing to notice. This has led to the creation of a brand with a lovely light feel and clothes that are quite simply for delighting in.

4. Do you have any exciting things planned for hanni designs?

Simply put I want to make clothes as a proud South African designer that our more conservative market can be comfortable wearing and at the same time have a completely unique look.

Accompanied with our clothes I want to build a brand that offers a unique “Hanni” experience: Personal shopper, stylist, make-up artist and custom tailor. All your wardrobe needs catered for by one brand! We will do complete make-overs for our clients.

hanni designs



5. What is your favourite part of hanni designs?

My favourite part is having someone look at something I designed, to see the excitement in their faces and them telling me how beautiful it is. As a stylist/make-up artist I also love to see how after a make-over everyone’s real personality (the one they only share with close friends and family) so easily comes out and you only really get to meet them.

6. Are there any other skills you are curious to learn?

I would love to learn photography and become more advanced in hairstyling. Writing is also something I would love to be able to do.

[ The Drape Top :  Versatile |  Comfy |  Flowy |  Soft ]
[ The Pants :  Skinny |  Stretchy |  Comfy |  Funky |  Stylish ]

hanni designs


7. Tell us something not everyone knows about you.

I am a little OCD- Can’t watch TV unless the remote is with me, I can’t go to sleep unless there is a glass of water on my nightstand (even though I never drink it)

8. Where can burst readers get their hands on this stunning new range?

On my website- www.hannidesign.com or on our facebook page – hanni

[ The Feathered Shirt :  Different |  Comfy |  Versatile |  Flattering]
[ The Pants :  Skinny |  Edgy |  Tight |  Funky |  Stylish ]

hanni designs




p.s. When you order anything from hanni designs use the promocode burstoflife when checking out and get 10% discount!

Happy shopping




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