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Skinny Tan – an honest review

I have seen Skinny Tan – self tanner on the shelves in Dis-chem and heard via the grapevine that this is the best self tan product in South Africa.  But paying round about R300-R400 for something that might not work, is a bit of a gamble, especially for someone like me that has very fair skin. When it fails , it shows.  Skinny Tan offers a one-for-all solution, no fair, medium or dark shades.  I was sceptic to say the least.

So here is a picture of my legs before the time:


When I got the opportunity to test out this “AMAZING” product, I was ready for it! Thea is getting married in June – the middle of winter – which is really far from those looong summer sunny beach days spent working on a proper tan, and seriously no one wants to look like the milk-man’s child.

I started off with the Skinny Tan Gradual Tanner, applying it right after I showered in the evening, with the SkinnyTan mit, and applied it three nights in a row.  My first impression was that it smelled really good, none of that fake chemical tan smell that other brands seem to be notorious for (you know what I am talking about).  It’s a coconut scent which is very nice! I could still smell it the next day but I didn’t wash it off in the morning just to let the tan develop properly.  I suppose if you were to shower the next morning there would be no trace of any self-tan smell.

The mit is really nice, it helps to spread the cream evenly, but also protects your hands from getting a bit too much tanning lotion on.  Just take care to put spread some cream lightly up to your palm otherwise it looks suspicious!  Skinny Tan is completely non chemical (no DHA) and develops with the acid your skin gives off, developing a nice and even tan.  It also claims to have a “anti-cellulite” ingredient, (Guarana which is a naturally occurring botanical containing caffeine) which actually stimulates your skin to let more blood flow to where you apply the cream, that helps to reduce the signs of cellulite – double whammy!

To be honest – don’t judge me – its in my gene’s, I don’t have a problem with cellulite (yet).  So I cannot comment on this part.  But what I CAN say is that being a bit tanned has definitely made me feel more confident, and my skin looks healthier.  A week after I have applied the cream for the first time, I still have a great colour on my skin and I am ready to exfoliate and start again!  The best thing is that it doesn’t look patchy and funny after the week!

So here is the after picture:


And a comparison:

Skinny Tan

They have another product on the market – Skinny Tan 7 day tanner, which is ideal for an emergency situation.  (When hubby comes home and has a surprise date planned and you have to show up in a dress.) This product has the same base as the gradual tanner which will help to develop your tan while you apply it, but will give you an instant tan look because it has a bronzing agent in.  This is so perfect for an impromptu date 🙂  I’m going to give this a try one day and will let you know how it works!


You can find these products at Dis-chem, selected Clicks stores, Wellness Warehouse and online at TakeAlot.com and Skinnytan.co.za



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  • Reply
    Natalie Harris
    March 17, 2017 at 11:26 pm

    Don’t ever put on the 7 day tanner and hope you can go out.!! I have just applied this and you cannot go anywhere it is so blotchy and patchy. I have been using fake tan for over 20 years and I am good at it I have never used one that goes so blotchy when you first put it on. I am praying it washes off ok as I am out tomorrow but not holding my breath it looks terrible and the hardest tan I have used to try and work in and then doesn’t work in just goes streaky.! Fingers crossed for the wash off but don’t ever put this on and hope you can then go out not a chance.!

  • Reply
    Sheila Eileen Murphy
    May 5, 2017 at 3:37 am

    I did not find the same result as the person above, I liked the 7 day tan. What was gross is the “After glow” product. SOOO smelly and greasy, I could not use this. I am using the gradual and 7 day tan.

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