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Keep your skin glowing this winter with Elli

Yesterday as Cheryl Richardson’s weekly mail popped into my mailbox, something drew me in, making it impossible to flag it and read it later.  Maybe it was the appealing question in the subject: What do you live for? As she elaborated about the inspiration for the post, one quote made me stop and think very deeply about life and the time we spend on things. Here is an excerpt of the post:

As I watched their conversation unfold, Charlie asked this acclaimed writer a powerful question: “Joan, what do you live for?” As Didion took her time to thoughtfully consider his inquiry, I waited for the response to such a loaded question.  The first words out of her mouth were:
“I live largely for certain small moments.  Moments of great beauty in the world…”

WOW. Life is so busy and hectic that sometimes when you rush through it all, we forget about the little joys in life. Like stealing a kiss, enjoying a laugh, really listening to someone or even just keeping your skin healthy.  With that in mind I took some time and  considered what little things make me happy. Although the list is quite long, one of them is definitely taking care of myself with the little things I can do every day.

I was so spoilt when Elli sent me some goodies to try out!  Things that make my winter skin glow as if it was summer!

Elli Products are organic and crafted in Africa with Herbs produced by Herbs-aplenty.  All their products are presented in such pretty packaging that I loved it even before I saw it!  The Tins are great for travelling, and I can’t wait to take some with when we travel overseas in October.  The Elli philosophy is to ask : “Does nature approve?” which makes this brand so raw and natural you will be coming back for more and more and more!

Elli Foot Balm 

Oh this is amazing – I started with this ritual, just before I get into bed I rub some Elli foot balm all over my feet and slip them into socks.  This helps to let the balm completely absorb into my skin and not rub off on all the bedding!  So I take the socks off just before I go to sleep and the smell of the balm then makes me so happy! It enriches my senses, with a minty freshness!

This balm is infused with African essential oils, blended with shea butter and marula oil. I can just imagine that after a long day on my feet this will revitalize and rejuvenate!



Elli Wash Cloth

I recently bought some bubble bath to force myself to slow down for half an hour some days and just breathe.  That is when I discovered that this wash cloth is so luxurious on my skin.  Its perfect for a bit of exfoliation to get rid of your dry skin. The knitted texture is perfect to leave your skin feeling so so soft!


Elli Ultra Shaving Soap

This was such a surprise when I found this soap in the box.  I have extremely dry skin, so you can just imagine after shaving – itchy burning legs.  So I was pleasantly surprised after using this shaving balm my skin still felt moist and definitely not itching! I loved the smell and the feeling afterwards.  This will definitely become part of my weekly spoils!

The balm comes in a bar of soap nicely fitted into a tin.  The packaging of all the Elli products is so gorgeous, I really love it! The tin is perfect for whenever you need to travel, just pop the lid on and you’re good to go.  It seems like it will also last very long as you only need to use a little bit to go a long way!


This winter indulging in the little things every day will be part of my routine.  That’s what life is about.  When you think about it what are you living for?

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