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A DIY bookshelf

Give your home a bit of personality by building your own bookshelf!

Lindi and I have a beautiful friend in Karien van Langelaar from kvl designs. Not only did she recently do a give-away with us, but she hosted us during our Hanni Designs styled shoot – see post here! And what a beautiful home she and her fiancé, Gideon, created in stunning Stellenbosch. Their house is full of creative styling and personal touches giving it a welcoming vibe and comfortable ambiance.

We fell in love with on particular piece: A super innovative and creative bookshelf they made using raw wooden planks and stone bricks. Karien laughed when I asked if we could do a quick DIY-post about it, saying: “But its soooo easy! Anyone can do it!” That is exactly what makes this the perfect DIY for every home-maker… it’s simple to do, inexpensive, practical and stylish.

Another advantage in building this type of bookshelf is its versatility. It can be built to fit spaces of any size and shape making it perfect for all modern homes.

A variety of bricks and wooden planks can be bought at your nearest hardware store. The amount of bricks you’ll need depends on the size of your bookshelf (the bigger the space between your shelves the more bricks you’ll need – DUH!). You’re hardware store should be able to assist you in cutting the planks to the desired length – make sure the planks are thick and strong enough to carry some weight.

Karien decorated the bookshelf with interesting books, a few hand drawn sketches and the greenest of green ferns… making their bookshelf personal, inviting and warm.

Add your own touch to your DIY bookshelf – always keeping in mind the room you build it in. Fill your shelves with special keepsakes and souvenirs, your favourite books and a stunning plant or two for the living room. Paint the shelves white and stack it with a variety of mirrors for the bedroom. And show off your perfume bottles and family photos in your bedroom. The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy making yours!

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