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How dry shampoo changed my life!

It is hard to imagine a life before dry shampoo – Spending at least 15 minutes every morning drying long wet hair and quite a few bucks extra spent on shampoo every month. This powdery hair saver changed my life!

Growing up there wasn’t a morning I did not wash my hair. If not rinsing my hair in the morning I couldn’t get through the day without feeling uncomfortable and a bit filthy… My hair looked and felt greasy by 3 pm – mainly due to the following reasons:

  1. I’m blond
  2. My hands were in my hair 90% of the time – I still have this thing with my hair…I just can’t leave it alone. Then its in a bun, then its loose, then in a pony!
  3. I washed my hair every day – causing my scalp to produce more oil, resulting in my hair being greasy. This becomes a bad habit which is difficult and very uncomfortable to get out off. Dry shampoo helps a lot but it stays a mental shift!

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I tried out dry shampoo for the first time about 2 years ago and never looked back. There was a week or so of feeling “guilty” for lack of a better word. It was more a habit that needed to be broken. I started slowly and carefully by only washing my hair every second day – doing a down style on day 1 and wearing a bun or pony on day 2. In a way disguising my “hair full of dry shampoo”. Now I wash my hair every third day with my best down style on day two because of the awesome body and texture dry shampoo gives!  It saves me at least 15 minutes a morning in washing and drying my hair. My hair is stronger and longer – washing and combing my wet hair everyday caused it to break easily and resulted in serious hair loss. My hair is thicker and easier to handle and style. I ended up spending less on shampoo and conditioner every month. A large bottle of dry shampoo lasts me at least a month and is no more expensive than a bottle of  shampoo. By washing my long hair everyday I needed a few bottles of shampoo on my bathroom shelve. With these savings I am able to buy high quality salon shampoo and conditioner to take even better care of my hair!

My top reasons for loving dry shampoo:

  •  The most obvious of the benefits: It saves my hair from looking greasy.
  • It saves you time and perhaps you were planning on washing your hair this morning, but you overslept. Quick solution: dry shampoo.
  • Your fabulous blow-out will keep longer.
  • It saves you money.
  • It gives volume and texture.
  • It helps bobby pins grip onto hair… and stay there. Making styling easier and helps keeping your bun stunning all day long!

There are a lot of wonderful products on the market, but Batiste is my favourite. The Batiste range is available in almost every drug store, affordable and has a product suited for every hair type and need. The XXL spray is the ultimate and gives my hair much needed body and volume.

The steps for using dry shampoo:

  1. Buy a quality product.
  2. Get your hair ready – remove all hair pins and bands and comb your hair thoroughly to make sure there is no tangles.
  3. Apply the dry shampoo – when using a spray bottle, hold the bottle about 15 cm from your head (the most greasy parts) and spray.
  4. Let it settle in – give it time to absorb the oil from your scalp.
  5. Comb out the excess shampoo by brushing your hair with your head upside down.
  6. Style your hair as usual.

Thanks for reading! I wish you loads of fabulous hair days in the future!


** This post is not sponsored. It is written from personal experience and should be taken as our personal opinion.

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    June 27, 2016 at 11:02 am

    Great post Thea! Batiste is the best!

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