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6 Top Picks for June

Oh June, you have come and gone. Bringing the cold and rain..Finally.  I love winter just as much as I love all the other seasons (..except Autumn, it’s just so in between, then hot then cold – can’t it decide already!!)  Snuggling in, waking up later due to it still being dark around 7 am, cuddling, red wine, staying in more (a bit like hibernating). But with all that comes dry skin and in my case exceptionally dry skin.

I used to live in the Eastern Free State where the temperatures drop to below Zero degrees. So we had heaters in every room drying out the air, no winter rain, frost outside and sometimes even snow from May right through June, July and August.  With that my already dry skin dried out even more.  So I am thankful for being able to contain that living in Cape Town with more moisture in the air in winter.

Anyways here are my top picks for June:

1.Elli Foot Balm

Gosh I love this.  After reviewing this product earlier this month (read more here) I have not stopped using it. It smells absolutely divine and I love the texture of the balm.  In winter we forget about our feet due to the fact that it is usually covered in socks and boots.  So what usually happens is as soon as summer hits and I start wearing sandals, my heels crack.  So this year I decided to approach it differently.  Every evening before I get into bed I smother my feet with this balm and put some socks on to ensure it absorbs completely.  This ensures my feet are soft when summer arrives and with hopefully no cracks in sight!

June pick elli

Elli was so kind to offer 25% off the Foot Balm product on their online store for the first 10 customers! Just use the code 25%offFootBalm on checkout!

 (*Valid from 2016-07-01 to 2016-08-01)

2. Black Owl Soy Candle

Upon arriving at a friends house earlier this month and smelling this candle I had to buy one for myself.  I have read about Soy candles a lot recently and the benefits thereof is really amazing.  Soy Candles are not petroleum-paraffin based and contain no toxins, carcinogens or pollutants.  Which actually just means cleaner burning not triggering allergies.  It burns longer than paraffin candles and at a lower degree –  you can actually pour the wax into your hand and it won’t burn you.

Safer in the house, safer for kids, it washes out of your clothes, ideal for getting rid of bad odours and perfect to use as a massage oil!  I am crazy about these candles now and going to fill my house with them!

The first candle I got from Black Owl smells amazing and comes in a very cool black container.  Black Ow is a local business – with all the element produced in South Africa!

june pick blackowl

3. Checkers Butter Chicken Soup

This is just divine, and perfect for a lazy winter meal! It has so much flavour and  just the right amount of burn to warm you from inside!  They are a real bang for your buck! I will definitely be freezing some for rainy days when I don’t feel like running to the shop for dinner!
june pick checkers

4. MAC Mineralize Skin Finish – Soft & Gentle

I am totally crazy about this amazing product from MAC! Since introducing it to my make-up routine I cannot go without it.  The perfect cheek highlighter – I feel all glowy after applying it!  As I heard a make-up artist once say: When they open the drawer with these products at MAC a whole make-up angel choir starts to sing ahhhhhhhhh.. LOL

Make a stop at the MAC shop if you haven’t tried this yet! You will never go back 🙂
june pick MAC


5. The Glam Bar

Although this salon has been around for a year and a half now, I only recently visited them here in Green Point.  A friend came to visit, we had a wedding and I thought it was the perfect occasion to treat our hands and feet!  I was so pleasantly surprised, and couldn’t believe I haven’t discovered it earlier.  We had a Deluxe Pedicure and a Gel Manicure. It was such a relief and great experience  – having had a few “worst nightmare” pedicure experiences somewhere else! The salon is very glamorous with relaxing chairs and my friend and I could chat the whole time while we were being pampered!  The therapists were very skilful and I was super happy with the results.  I will definitely be going back!

p.s they are on the Entertainer App 😉

june pick Glam barjune pick glam barjune pick glam bar


This is also where I discovered Vinylux…

6.  Vinylux Weekly Polish

Seriously!! How did I not try this before? After having the shellac gel on my nails for two weeks at the beginning of June, I went back to The Glam Bar and had my gel soaked off and decided to paint it with Vinylux weekly polish.  I always paint my nails once a week to keep them looking good and without signs of chipped polish.  So I thought: “Oh, this will also only probably last a week”. But after the first week my nails were still shining with no chips in sight..I’m on day 12 as I am writing this and still..no chips. Wait 12 days?  They advertise it as: “7-day, chip-resistant wear (Really!)™ Fast-drying, 2 step application Brilliant shine that lasts” – I totally owned that. AND it’s free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, phthalates (DBP), formaldehyde resin, xylene and methyl ethyl ketone (MEK). No clue what those very chemical terms mean…


june pick vinylux


Stay tuned for my July Favourites!



*All opinions are my own and not influenced by sponsors. Images credit to the relevant websites.

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