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Fridge Notepad DIY

The inspiration for a fridge notepad DIY came from my husband's love for lists - the delight he finds in making a shopping list is astonishing. I'm not sure if the list-making gives him more confidence in his new wife's shopping skills or if he just loves playing house!!!

For the last couple of weeks we used a magnetic white board for our doodles, but taking a picture with my phone (and remembering to take a picture!) every time I went shopping became too much of an effort. I made an easy fridge notepad using a vintage tin, a R5 notepad, and self-adhesive magnetic strip over the weekend. It took me literally 5 minutes! I love vintage tins and literally have multiples of these beauties in my kitchen making my "frotepad" fit in perfectly.

All you need is:

  1. A pretty vintage tin (I have 3 Maizena tins, so my choice was easy)
  2. Magnetic strip (self-adhesive is easiest)
  3. A notepad (I used a very simple inexpensive one, but feel free to be creative by making the notepad the star instead of the tin)
  4. Scissors

See the pictures below for a step-by-step guideline to make your own "frotepad"!

Tips and notes:

Remove the tin's lid.It will cause the tin to move away from the fridge when taking out a pen.

By adding magnet strips to both the tin and the notepad  you elongate the lifetime of your "frotepad".

When your pad runs out of paper, simply pull it from the tin and replace with a brand spanking new one.  This way your tin stays pretty and reusable. Neat!


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