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5 FREE WordPress Plug-ins that Optimize Workflow

Both of us were taught to optimize time, effort and money while studying, so we are most definitely ALWAYS on the lookout to make our blogging life easier.  Nowadays you can find a plug-in for almost anything you can think of.  So we though to help you guys out and save you some time by sharing our top 5 WordPress Plug-ins that optimize our day!

1. Duplicate Post 

This plug-in allows you to clone a post or a page, and puts it in draft mode to enable you to make any changes required before publishing.  This is such a great and easy to use plug-in, and I often use it when I am doing a series of blog posts that I want to have the same look & feel.  You simply clone a previous post, and edit the content.  TAKE NOTE:  Remember to change the permalink, slug, categories and tags of your post if it differs!  As this plug-in clones, it clones everything that goes along with the post or page. The plug-in is easy to install and integrates beautifully into you normal work flow.

Wordpress Plug-ins

2.  Yoast SEO

Now we all know how important SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is for a blog, which enables you to get traffic from free / natural / organic or natural search results.  You need to get a high SEO ranking to get a high organic search percentage.  So then this terrific plug-in was created, which forces you to choose a focus keyword and to use that keyword everywhere in your content.  It helps you write a better post, checks the structure of your content, if your links are correct and enables you to edit how your post is shared on social media.

It even checks if your images contain alt-tags.  Which I most certainly almost forget.  All of these things give you post a better SEO ranking, so what is not to love about this WordPress Plug-in!

3. Popup by Supsystic

We were looking for a plug-in that would help us increase our followers on social media, at that stage specifically Facebook, when we stumbled upon this WordPress Plug-in.  This one is by far my favorite, as it allows you to choose from many different pop up options.  Some of the things you can pop up on your site is Facebook like, Newsletter Sign-up, Contact Form and even html.  The options are endless and you can choose exactly where and when you want to enable the pop-up on your site.

4. Contact Form 7 Mailchimp Extension

If you, like us, use Mailchimp to design, schedule and send your newsletters to your readers this plug-in works like a jet! This will enable the Contact Form 7 plug in to streamline your sign-ups and add them directly to the distribution list in mailchimp.  No more adding or importing into mailchimp.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Wordpress Plug-ins

5. Page Builder by Site origin

At a stage we were struggling with aligning images in a post and placing emphasis on certain parts of the post and generally just post layout.  Until we found this life changing WordPress Plug-in! What makes it even better is that it works with all the widgets you know, and is mobile responsive.  So all your content will beautifully display on mobile devices! It works with any theme, it’s free and let’s you create beautiful (OCD – like) posts!

What we love about this, is that you can create rows and columns and everything aligns just as we want it to.

Let us know what Worpress Plug-ins you are using that make your life easier!


Wordpress plug-ins

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