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We were sooo in love with the “blog-shoot” Carien from Sweet bloom Photography did for our revamp a few months ago, we just had to introduce YOU to HER!  Carien is such a pleasure to work with and we clicked from the start.  She has a warm and chatty personality that puts you right at ease in front of the camera.





So who is Carien and where did Sweet Bloom Photography start out?

I’m a 24-year-old photographer from a small town called Wellington in the Cape Winelands, but I was fortunate to grow up in Dubai with my family.  My love for photography started at an early age, I was always fascinated by my parent’s old pictures and for every birthday I received a disposable camera. When I turned 13 my dad gave me my first Polaroid camera, and everyone fell victim to me making them strike a pose even when they didn’t feel like it. Thinking back, I was quite annoying!

In 2009 I came back from Dubai and finished my final year of school in Wellington. 2010 I studied photography at SIPS in Stellenbosch, which I believed at the time was not the direction I wanted to go in.  Although I loved my photography I didn’t at the time believe in myself enough to peruse my dreams. I was only 18-19 and photography is a cut through industry. Having to be open to all kinds of criticism, and still stay positive is difficult. I travel to England for a year to find out who I’m.  Came back still feeling lost and not sure I was cut out for the photo community. 2011 I started to freelance in Stellenbosch for money, and I covered events happening at Stellenbosch University. PSO rugby club themed dress up parties, ISA’s final year ball, Miss Libertas and political debates of Law students.  2012 I started working as a wedding photographer at Inecke Photography and fell in love with weddings and lifestyle photography. I became her right hand and shot over 30 weddings with and for her over the course of 3 years.

Photography stayed with me and it helped shape who I’m today. 2015 I made the scary, but the very freeing choice to start my own business as a lifestyle photographer, and not looking back since. The thing that’s important to know is that you never know. You’re always sort of feeling your way and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Every Photographer has a specific style – what would you say is yours?

Being a lifestyle photographer, my style speaks true to that. Lifestyle photography is photojournalism redefined. It’s candid, yet done with some direction and styling. It has an approachable feel and a relaxed result. I look for moments and also set the scene.


Are there any photographs that have influenced your way of thinking?

It’s more about different photographers. Few of my all time favorite photographers are, Cindy Sherman, Annie Lebowitz, Sally Man, Diane Arbus  – Influential artist thrive off each other!

A picture speaks more than a thousand words, do you try and communicate a specific message with your photos?

For me, it’s not so much about the message I would like to communicate with my photographs but more about a feeling, or connecting emotion to my photographs. Photography is very related to poetry. It’s suggestive and fragmentary. With photography, you have one little moment and you allow everyone else to fill it in.


What gear and technology do you use to keep the focus on what you do best – taking photos?

The gear I use is my Nikon D750 and D700 body with a variety of different prime lenses. I stay away from wide angle lenses being that that does not resonate with my photographic style. I curate from the periphery of my eye, not placing the subject in the frame but rather creating the frame around my subjects.  I also shoot with film, and film is my true love! I have a collection of vintage film cameras my Olympus Trip 35 being my most loved.

What are your most favorite moments of being a photographer?

Definitely my favourite moment of being a photographer is the escape, completely transforming behind the camera and pushing myself to be at that moment as much as I’m observing the moment I’m photographing, and I would be a fool not say, truly connecting with someone on a deeper level, making them a part of my journey and calling them friend’s by the end of a photo shoot.


Any tips for clients?

Please be on time! I’m a natural-light photographer, so the sun dictates how long I can photograph you. Please make proper considerations for traffic, hair delays, and fashion emergencies! 😉



You can visit her here:

 F A C E B O O K  |  I N S T A G R A M | W E B S I T E

p.s she will be doing our Insta-weekend takeover this Saturady and Sunday on our Instagram!

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