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7 Top Picks for July

As we moved closer to the end of July I were  bombarded with anything and everything that contains the word S A L E.  I am a typical woman, and by that I mean I shop sales as if it is going to be the last time I will ever be able to buy something.  The word “special” in the dictionary is written next to my name. People have started joking with me as I am always after all the specials!!! Looking to buy something for a bit less than it would normally be is my speciality!

So I have been seriously dying inside as I realise we need to save for our trip overseas! All of these specials coming by, but I am not allowed to buy for my own good! I mean, going to Europe can be quite pricey and I will rather have more money to spend there than be sorry about missing out on a great opportunity overseas.  But nonetheless, specials or not here are some awesome things I discovered this month!

1.Checkers Little shop

THIS IS GENIUS!!! How cute and adorable are these mini groceries??  I am crazy about them and can’t wait to do my weekly shopping at Checkers to see what other items I can get.  If I had a little girl I would buy all the goodies, because I can remember how much I loved playing shop-shop!  The best thing – you get 1 FREE for each R150 you spend – and as an add-on you can buy the shop house, basket, collector’s case and trolley! How cute!

7 July Picks

2. The Butler’s Fine Wine

Well if you haven’t yet read our post about these amazing wines, you better head on over there. I am ordering some of their new Syrah as soon as it is bottled!

The Butler's

3. My New Oversized Scarf / Jacket / blanket

I fell in love with this gigantic scarf on Spree sale last week! I was astonished at it’s size on arrival, even though I expected it to be quite big. It is HUGE  and something I would never have thought of as a scarf.  But I am crazy about it.  I feel so snug and warm and it really can be worn in multiple ways.  This was the perfect thing to take on my trip to JHB last week, as it was absurdly cold!


4. Ina Paarman – Roasted Mushroom

Best pasta sauce (out of a bottle, that is!) ever!! I have used this multiple times during the last couple of weeks. It is super tasty and has this almost hearty quality to it. This sauce is great to use as is over some macaroni pasta with grated cheddar cheese! I even used it in my lasagne mince this week! YUMMY!2016-07-29

5. Deluxe Coffee Ground Beans

A friend of ours introduced us to this amazing coffee! They claim to use the finest Brazilian, Guatemalan and Ethiopian hand selected coffee bean varieties. And it sure tastes like it! Their coffee is full of body, flavour and so smooth! Ideal for drinking a few times during the day! I use their house blend either in our Aeropress or in the percolator for cappuccino! Perfect!!

Deluxe has 6 outlets in Cape Town and Stellenbosch where they blend and roast their coffee in-house. Because it is not available in grocery stores drinking this coffee is extra special. Visit their website for a full list of stockists. You can also subscribe to their House Blend or Decaf to have coffee hand-delivered, freshly  roasted to your door every week, 2 weeks, month or 2 months. How convenient!

6.  Chapman’s Peak Hiking Routes

The Cape Town area offers many hiking routes, of which Chapmans Peak is only one in the surrounding area.  We recently went for our first hike/picnic up the mountain and really enjoyed being outdoors.  It was a quick hike up, we didn’t go to the top and decided to stop and have a few snacks that we packed for our walk. It really is such an easy hike, and along the way we passed many people with their dogs and kids.


7. Airbnb

As I am busy planning our trip to Europe in October and Airbnb has been such a great tool to use!! I especially love using it to book our accommodation. It also makes me feel safe as I can read reviews about every place, about the owner, the area and even the neighbours!  It really allows you to stay in the centre of things in popular touristy places where a hotel would just have been over priced.  So I would definitely recommend using this the next time you are planning a trip!

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 2.43.50 PM

Stay tuned for my August Favourites!


*All opinions are my own and not influenced by sponsors. Images credit to the relevant websites.

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