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The past few months have been difficult and joyous at the same time.  Both Thea and I have full-time jobs, where we try and juggle newly-married-life and blogging.  But we find peace in knowing that one day we will be where we need to be if we carry on pushing the limits and reaching for the stars.  We both have a dream in our hearts and hopefully some day soon we will be able to make it a reality.  But we are prepared for taking baby steps.  Thanking God all the way for the great opportunities, dreams and people he places on our paths.  In the end we all just want to do what we love, don’t we?

So hence this post.  I dream of the day I can decorate and work from my home-office.  I love light and bright spaces, filled with plants that bring life and energy into a room.  I love clever little organization hacks and motivational sayings against the walls.  I know the scandi trend is moving a bit off the radar, but I have always loved whites, greys and neutral colors.

Which bring me to my first inspiration. (Thanks Pinterest for making my life so much easier)

  1. Light & Bright with earthy elements

This office – apart from the desk being a teensy weensy small – is such a stunning space.  Love the chair, love the plant and love how the big windows not only has a great view but fills the office with natural light.  Often office spaces can feel cold and uninviting, which is the exact opposite you want in a space where you need to work all day long. That is why this space is so perfectly put together.  It includes warm wood tones with an industrial desk and a very modern white Eames armchair – which is really comfortable!

Office Inspiration 1

Check out how to create this look with items from your nearest shop:



Desk:  From @Home for R6499.00

Plants:  You can either get the Rubber Plant, or a Fiddle Fig leaf plant at your nearest nursery

Chair: Replica Eames armchair from www.chaircrazy.co.za at R1062.00

Basket for plant: Rattan Cylinder Basket from Weylandts at R495.00

2. Clean and Clear

What I love about this office is that it’s not pretentious.  You know when you sit down here you need to get down to business and work!  Nothing that will take you attention off that fact.  I love the cleanliness, and the cool and calm feeling you get looking at this space.  Adding a touch of green that makes the space come alive.


Check out how to create this look with items from your nearest shop:

Home office

Chairs:  Repica Eames Chairs from Chair Crazy at R873.00 (Sometimes they are cheaper at Builders Warehouse)

Wall decor: Bicycle Cobble Walk Framed Print from @Home R299.00 | Motivational Print from Mr Price Home R119.99 | Black Frame from Woolworths R85.00 to add what you like

Plants: Ficus Ginseng Bonsai R219.99 and the olive tree in a concrete pot R249.99 both from Woolworths

Desk Lamp: Black Lamp Weylandts R895.00

White desk:  Mr Price home R2000.00

Let us know in the comments what you love about these home-offices or what you want you home office to look like!

Stay tuned for more home inspiration to come!


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