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8 Top Picks for August

Winter and August, I am over you. I need the sun to make me warm and happy again.  August left me with flu, and the realization that summer is on its way and my body is seriously not ready for a bikini yet! But it also brings some excitement..and anticipation! September is my favorite month of the year, not only does it bring forth new life with trees that blossom, it is in fact my birthday MONTH. Yes, I like to have my birthday all month long.

So let me not elaborate too much on September – I am sure you will be hearing about it a lot more 🙂  Here are some cool things I discovered in August:

1. Garnier Micellar Water

OK, so I have been a little late to get on the Cleansing Water train, but I have been using this for just over a month now and it has become a part of my daily cleansing routine!  I use it after washing my face and it is scary how much make-up actually still comes off! So this just makes sure I have cleaned my face of all dirt and impurities before applying my night cream.


2. Tiger’s Milk Long Street

We found this place by chance. Having heard everyone rave so much about it, we knew we were meant to have found it. Dear friends of ours got married on the 8th of August and held their reception at Yours Truly in Bree Street and while we were hanging around in the city waiting for the couple to arrive we had a few drinks at Tiger’s Milk.  Such a great vibe! I really loved it, the feel was great and the service excellent.  We had cocktails and the guys had beers, would love to go back to try out their menu sometime.


3.  Granny B’s Chalk Paint

Made and produced in South Africa, this is a product I am so excited about! Thea and I ordered a bunch of colours to start playing around with some DIY projects and you will be seeing a lot more of this over on our blog!  Keep your eyes open for the first DIY post!


4. Rowdy Little Pouches

I knew I couldn’t buy anything from the Rowdy Sample Sale about two weeks ago so I was lucky when a friend bought me one of these leather Rowdy Pouches! I am such a freak when it comes to these little bags..my handbag is full of little bags! I think it might be how I keep myself from losing it in the “handbag-pit”.


5.  Thule Crossover Backpack

Johan has been eyeing these Thule backpacks since like forever, so when his birthday arrived we thought what better gift, seeing as he will make good use of it on our overseas trip later this year. So yeah we will be typical tourists, walking around with a backpack (and yes I was a little selfish and thought this to be the perfect gift seeing as he will be carrying most of my stuff in there too 🙂 double whammy!)


6. Cetaphil Face Wash

This is rather a re-discovery than a “new” discovery.  After realizing that my skin is screaming for some moisture after the winter, I decided to go back to an old and trusted friend of mine – Cetaphil Face wash – after about 3 years of cheating on it with some other brands.  When I started using this, I just realized again why I loved it so much.  It has no added perfume, colourants or scary toxins.  It cleans my skin without stripping it from the oils it so desperately needs.


7.  Zettlers Fig Muesli

While buying take-away coffee this weekend at Zettlers just outside Stellenbosch, I found this wheat free Muesli mix.  It is absolutely delicious and perfect for my breakfast routine with some fresh strawberries and plain yogurt.  They have various types but this one with the fig definitely caught my attention!


8.  Le Creuset Large Ramekins

So last but not least I decided to add to my Le Creuset collection as an early birthday gift to myself.  Ok no seriously I still had a voucher from our wedding (yes we got married in December LAST year).  So I thought I better decide what I want and get it!  So I ordered these 4 babies, and obviously couldn’t decide which colour I liked best.  So I chose two different ones 🙂 I love these and cannot wait to make mini pies & crème brulee and all sorts of yummy stuff!



Happy spring lovelies!



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