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Dipped Wooden Spoons : Granny B’s

Granny B's Bamboo Dipped

I think my day was made when our first order of Granny B’s chalk paint arrived about 2 weeks ago.  

I couldn’t wait to start painting and playing around with these gorgeous colours!  We decided to order the 2 mixed packs to get a good feel of all the different colors.  The advantage of chalk paint is that a little really goes a long way, so we are really excited to play around with the paint and different colors and try out Granny B’s which is manufactured in South Africa.

Granny B's Bamboo Dipped

We are going through the “wedding season”of life where almost all of our friends are getting married one after the other.  Yes that season.  So after a while I get stuck when buying gifts, especially for women who have a full kitchen already.  So this time I decided to buy some lovely Nataniel Bamboo wood spoons and make them unique by dipping them in some paint.  It just adds a little something to it, and is a unique gift to add to something else.

I decided on a dark greyish color [Granny B’s : Mushroom] to dip these, as my friend’s kitchen is grey with some rose-gold tones. Perfect fit I would say!

So it really is easy:

  1. Decide where you want the dipped line and stick some tape on the spoon.Granny B's Bamboo Dipped
  2. I painted the tips just to make sure I don’t waste paint.  Place them upside down in a container to dry.  Give it about 2-3 coats, depending on the darkness you require.Granny B's Bamboo Dipped
  3. After letting the layers dry completely give it some clear wax just to seal the paint as you will be using these in the kitchen.
  4. And voila – stylish and cool bamboo wooden spoons.

Granny B's Bamboo Dipped


p.s I would not recommend putting these spoons in the dishwasher as the paint might wear and tear.  Bamboo prefers a good old wipe and dry.



*This is not a sponsored post.

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