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Celebrating the bride Italian style

Bridal Shower Inspiration

We recently had the privilege of attending a bridal shower in celebration of our dear friend Karien from KVL Designs. Our hostess, the beautiful Anine, created the most serene setting at Tokara in Stellenbosch, using carefully selected décor items and some precious handmade gifts and stationery. It was an elegant event that celebrated the beauty of simplicity. Anine created a stunning e-invite, with bits of inspiration for gifts and notes on the activities during the day.

Tokara has a seperate dining room from the main restaurant where a large table was set with Italian-inspired items. Like the blue and white teacups that served as salt bowls, a random vintage tea pot, a stack of teacups in a glass dome and succulents floating in glass bowls. Anine made a note card for every guest where you could write some advice ("boereraat" in Afrikaans) and a blessing for the bride. There was also a large vase to collect the recipes each guest brought with as a something extra. A very special personal touch was the gifts for each guest... we received a little bottle filled with olive oil from Anine's family farm. Anine bottled them herself and drew a delicate olive branch on each bottle label. How special?!

The best times are always found when family and friends gather round. And Karien's bridal shower was no difference. There was so much love, tears of joy and bursts of laughter during this special morning. When organising or attending a bridal shower or kitchen tea, always remember what the day is about: Celebrating the bride, the precious love between two people and the commitment they make to each other. In our crooked world it is important to celebrate the beauty in every day and the special relationships we have with the people around us.

Ooo and I have to mention Tokara's amazing food. All the dishes were beautifully served and so delicious. See the options we had in the stunning menu Anine put together. 

What a wonderful day it was. Hope this post inspires all the ladies on bridesmaid duty this coming wedding season and fires the excitement of every future bride reading this post.

Ps: We offer assistance with designing stationery for these type of events...if you should need any;) 


And as a side note - The difference between a Bridal Shower and a Kitchen Tea: Traditionally, a Bridal Kitchen Tea is just that – an afternoon tea in which guests bring a gift for the Bride suitable for the kitchen only. A Bridal Shower on the other hand sees guests bring a gift of any description to “shower” the Bride with. A bridal shower is a gift-giving party held for a bride-to-be in anticipation of her wedding. 

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