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Switzerland Travel Tips

We are just closer than a month before we are packing our bags and leaving for our Europe Adventure! I am super excited and really cannot wait to travel once again!

switzerland travel tips

(*The images for this post were sourced from Pinterest)

When you travel something happens to you.  It somehow opens your eyes and changes your mind.  You get perspective and realize that your world is kinda small in comparison to the millions of other cultures and continents out there.  It makes you rich in a way that nobody can ever take it away from you.  Almost as soon as I get back from a trip I start planning and saving for the next one!

I remember the first time I visited Switerland like it was yesterday.  Something about this country is just absolutely breathtaking and in actual fact you can feel and breathe the cleanliness in the air.  Switzerland is very strict on pollution and people pay heavy taxes and fines when they pollute the air.  Apart from that, everything else is just as clean, the roads the water the shops.  It really is such a lovely country to visit and I cannot wait to explore a bit more!

So here we are again and I need some tips on things to do, places to see and things to eat in Switzerland.  In particular, we will be staying for two nights in Wilderswil close to Interlaken and Lauterbrunnen, and then one night in Lucerne before we fly from Zurich to Amsterdam.

switzerland travel tips

(*The images for this post were sourced from Pinterest)

Please let me know of any suggestions you have! Even if it is just general travel tips, like what to pack and not to pack!

Would really love to hear your thoughts and Switzerland Travel Tips!!

Oh and by the way – if you feel you can contribute to my Paris travel Tips post I did a few weeks ago please head over there too!

Here are some of my pictures I took last time!


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