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AFRIKOA – Bean to bar Chocolate

While strolling through the chocolate & coffee festival a few weekends ago we immediately paused and tasted some AFRIKOA chocolate.  The chocolate was so good and the story behind their business even better, I had to tell you guys about them!

AFRIKOA is the first Bean-to-bar company in South Africa and sources all their cocoa beans from cocoa farmers in Africa.

So what makes AFRIKOA so different?

Something that most of us are unaware of, is that 75% of the chocolate we buy in shops are made from African cocoa bought from African farmers BUT is first exported to America or Europe made into your most loved chocolate and imported again.  AFRIKOA cocoa beans are also bought from African farmers but they never leave the continent.  This cuts out so many additional costs and empowers the farmers to earn much more through direct trade.

Even more…

Buying the cocoa beans directly from these farmers ensures that AFRIKOA gets the finest, highest quality, freshest cocoa beans every single time.  One can really taste this rich and intense flavor in their chocolate.  AFRIKOA decided on two Tanzanian Cocoa farmers in the small rural town of Kyela.

I get so excited for businesses like these which really go the extra mile to empower less fortunate communities.  Our African continent is so rich in valuable skills and resources that it is time more companies start seeing this potential. We as South Africans also need to start supporting these local initiatives much more.  This will shift the focus to fair trade and empowerment.

AFRIKOA sent us this great gift pack that consists of 3 chocolate bars – 70% Dark Chocolate, 55% Semi-Sweet and 27% Milk Chocolate.  This is the perfect gift for any chocolate lover and you can get it on their website.


The 70% Dark chocolate is a very fruity and intense chocolate.  You can definitely taste some guava and pear notes in this one! It has the least sugar added to it and is a treat for anyone who loves a bittersweet chocolate.

The 55% Semi-Sweet chocolate contains more sugar but is still not that sweet.  Perfect for someone who is not a dark chocolate fan!  It is much smoother and one can eat more of it in one go! One can also get a dried fruity undertone in this one.

The 27% milk chocolate is my least favorite.  Not that it is not delicious, I just prefer a less sweet chocolate. It is made with full cream milk powder and one can expect fudgy, butter after tones.


They also spoilt us with some chocolate bits which can be used to in baking, to make a rich and delicious hot chocolate or just for enjoying as a small snack.  I will be sharing some exciting chocolate recipes in the weeks to come so stay tuned!

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