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Must buys for Spring/Summer 2017

This post is dedicated to all my must-haves for the warmer season that is upon us. I do not have any of these items, but I want them bad! Want...not need really. I have a version of this list in my house or closet, but have this urge to do some spring cleaning. To throw out the old and replace it with more simple and timeless pieces. So this is the inspiration behind this post:

  • The most simple designs will always stay in style.
  • There is joy in only buying that one (maybe more expensive) item you really love compared to compromising with 5 cheaper alternatives
  • Have less, enjoy what you have more
  • Summer, and the excitement it brings with it. All these items on my list celebrate our lovely South African summer in some way.

For the house:

Bowls from the Redhill Collection - dayfeels

Birdhouse shelf - Fox & Twine

Tag shape Cutting Board - ARK

Wooden Box Photo Frame - Studio W

For myself:

Ellie Earrings - Anine Jewellery


Corey Dress - Poetry

Dakota - Jane Sews

Edith - Simon and Mary

Now lets save up! It's almost Christmas 😉



PS: This is not a sponsored post and all items on this list were found due to my endless hours on Instagram of Facebook. They are just plainly on my want-list.

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