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Decorate with plates

My wall of plates:

I just love using plates on our walls for decor. It is an inexpensive way to give a room a lot of personality...and gives me a good excuse to buy pretty delft plates whenever and where ever I find some.

Plate hanging isn’t reserved for the kitchen, you can hang plates in any room of your house.  But in our little house I arranged my collection of blue en white plates around my recipe books and coffee station.  

Some of these plates I got from my grandmother - who got it from her mother. Others I bought at a few of my favourite thrift or antique stores. And the square one I bought in Amsterdam last year. I spent quite a while in the little Delft-boutique to pick out the perfect one. Oh how I miss my time in that beautiful city...

How I hang my plates:

I use Prestick to hang my plates. Which is not the best way to do it. I have to replace the Prestick now and again to make sure the plates stay on the wall. And Prestick can discolor the wall and leave darkish rings or dots when removing the plates. But for this to happen your plates have to hang for quite a substantial amount of time. My problem with the more traditional way of hanging plates (using wire plate hangers and adhesive disc hangers) is all the holes in the wall left by the nails. So Prestick works wonderful while you are still renting!

How to arrange your plates:

I do not think there is a secret to finding the perfect layout when "plate-hanging". Just do what you feel is right and go with how the plates fit together. Many people will prefer a more symmetrical layout or to create a shape with the plates. I like to make my plates "flow" in a direction. The plates should not be a place filler or just a way to make a wall seem less boring. It should be there for a reason. And make you feel happy - I can tell you where and when I got every one of the plates hanging on my wall. This makes my plate wall more like a piece of art and a corner of my house where I celebrate a part of my memorabilia.

See a few pics I found on the internet as inspiration to create your own plate wall:

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