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Kiddies Christmas Gift Guide

Kiddies Gift guide

Oh I just love this time of year! Everything is so festive and jolly and most people are happy because the sun is out, which means beach-time!  Christmas is the time for giving, and if gifts are one of your love languages then you are one happy gal right now! Right!?  On the other hand, if you are not..you might be dreading this time of the year!

Christmas can be a feared time for many, feeling like you should have been saving for gifts since January! So I have decided to create a few gift guides to help you out!  Indicating them as Save & Splurge.  The Kiddies Gift Guide will be the first in the series, whereafter I will share gift guides for you ladies and to help out with some shopping for the guys.

So not being a mom yet, I have chatted to a few moms to find out what their kids would love this Christmas! To make it easier I tried indicating the age groups as well.


Mini Me awesome toys!

1.How cute are these personalised wooden blocks by YayKids (Price on request)  2.  This wooden stacker is so versatile, and is so much more than the usual one piece stacker found on Takealot (2-4yr | R295)  3. I am such a fan of Pretend play and love this for little guys and girls also Takealot (3yr + | R899) 4. I love this mini work bench for little guys!  Takealot (Preschool | R349) 5. The ultimate duplo set for little kiddies! Takealot (1.5-5yr |  R400)


A mini-me needs stylish clothes!

6. Harem Navy Shorts from TinyTribe Kids are so so adorable! (3m-4yr | R150) 7. Ice cream navy jumpsuit for little girls, my kid will so wear this one day! Schnookypie (3m – 4yr | R225-R250) 8. I as an adult want one of these..like seriously.. can be custom ordered from My Tiny TeePee (Price on req) 9. Annapatat has THE cutest girl clothes ever! (3m – 4yr | R280) 10. Navy T-shirt dress, just imagine, Schnookypie (3m – 4yr | R250-R275)


These are spoils for kids and mums!


11. Acorn Kids Kaleido foam is a treat with any bath! (R68) 12. Elli Baby Body Oil is organic and smells divine! (R158) 13. Elli Bath oil perfect for a baby’s skin! (148) 14. Acorn Kids Foam Bath ( 57) 15. Elli baby calming roll perfectly soothing (R90)

And last but not least, one of these guys will last a kid a lifetime, perfect for soothing and carrying around but also a lifelong friend. Meet the kippins!

Kiddies Gift guide KippinsThis one is my absolute favorite! Coco the parrot 🙂  (R375) from Cinnamon Sue.

I really hope this can help you find the perfect gift for a little one!  Even if you have to buy for someone else’s children!

Kiddies Gift guide


(*All product images were sourced from the particulate products website and do not belong to us)

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