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Switzerland (Wilderswil & Interlaken) Travel Guide

After leaving behind the city of love we flew to Geneva in beautiful Switzerland, where we took a train to Wilderswil via Interlaken and stayed for two nights.  I know many of you will have to go and google this place, but please do, because it is so so beautiful!  There is a big stigma about Switzerland being really expensive and I am sorry to break it to you, but it’s true.  So hopefully this Switzerland Travel guide could help you save here and there!


We took the train from Geneva to make sure we see all the scenery.  Although it was a bit rainy on the day we could see a great deal of the Swiss countryside and clear turquoise lakes!  I would definitely recommend this to anyone! (read more about the cheaper train ticket tips below).  We specifically chose this area to have the option to go up to the Jungfrau – Top of Europe, which is the journey (train ride) to the highest railway station (3454 metres above sea level) in the world, and on clear days you can see to France!  Wilderswil is also close to Lauterbrunnen which is a stunning little town, with many waterfalls to explore.  So let me kick off!

To Stay:

We booked well in advance through Bookings.com and got a really good deal on bed&breakfast at the Alpine-Inn Lodge in Wilderswil.  We were so lucky the day before our arrival we were upgraded to their sister hotel the Jungfrau hotel which has it’s own restaurant and is just around the corner.  We really enjoyed staying there, as the staff were friendly and helpful and everything was clean and the breakfast had a great selection and lasted us well into the day!  If you get a deal on a place that serves breakfast in Switzerland, take it!


A big advantage of staying in a hotel or b&b in this region is getting a Visitors Card for free.  Which allows you to go on any public transport for FREE! As well as discounts on many other excursions (see here).  This is really a must have!

To See:

We planned on going up the Jungfrau the next day but unfortunately or fortunately it was very misty and a bit rainy so it would be no use to actually go up.  So we decided to explore the area a bit and see more of the landscape. We took the free bus to Interlaken where we bought a ticket to go up to Beatenberg Station which is a little town high up in the mountains.  When we got there it was actually pouring, we didn’t see much of the little town.


View from Beatenberg


View from Beatenberg Station

So we bought a coffee to warm us up and took a cable-car ride down to Beatenbucht for half the price (Interlaken Visitors Card) where we got a free bus ride back to Interlaken.


The Cable-car ride down to Beatenbucht


Lake Thunersee


Beatenbucht view over Lake Thunersee

The sun was just coming out when we took the bus ride and we got a lovely view over Thunersee Lake.  Although we had a stunning view from so high up, we should have planned this better and rather took a trip on the route our Tourist Card covered.

View from the bus

View from the bus

From here we went back to Interlaken where we bought some souvenirs and stopped at “Des Alpes” for a real Swiss Cheese Fondue.  We opted for the bread and potatoes to dip in.  Many of the restaurants here offer this on their Menu’s so try it!! It was really nice but very rich and we should have opted to share 1 fondue between the four of us!


The town of Interlaken


These canals flow through Interlaken splitting the town in two and connecting Lake Thun & Brienz


We enjoyed walking in the peaceful streets of this little town after the busy streets of Paris.

Cheese Fondue!

Cheese Fondue!

While sitting here we watched as the paragliders landed in a big patch of grass in the middle of town and we made the best of the day (not being able to go up the Jungfrau) and decided we wanted to do it! And oh my word, it was amazing!! The best experience and well worth the money!  You get the absolute best view of the area from above!! WOW WOW WOW!


Just before the jump, high up looking over Interlaken


Me, my mom and husband up in the air!

I would suggest:  Take the bus to Lauterbrunnen and explore the little town.  Check out all the beautiful waterfalls and stop to buy a true swiss Victorinox knife.  Take the bus back through Interlaken to Beatenbucht and enjoy the views from here.  Take the bus back and spend the rest of the day in Interlaken, eating, shopping and some paragliding will be in order 😉

 If you have more time and get a stunner of a day, go up the Jungfrau!

Eat & Drink

  • Cheese, cheese and more cheese

  • Cheese fondue

  • Real Swiss Chocolate

  • I love the yoghurt in Switzerland.  Just has a different taste

  • Give the Bircher Muesli a go at breakfast! It is really good!

  • Girls – once again – learn to drink beer.  Wine is expensive in Switzerland!

Good to know:

  • The Swiss currency is the Swiss Franc (CHF) but they accept Euro’s in most places.  We found it was better to either pay in Franc or swipe the card as they assume the Euro and the Franc to be equal but our exchange rate does not always agree!

  • The public transport in Switzerland is excellent! You can really go anywhere you need to go.  It is very useful to download the SBB app and purchase the tickets you need via the app keeping an eye out for the super saver deals! If you need help figuring this out, just pop me a mail!  We saved such a huge amount by using this! Some tickets you even get more than half price off.

  • Their grocery stores are easily reachable everywhere and are good to shop at if you want to save a bit!  The most well-known chain is Migros.

  • This time of year (October – November) is a bit rainy season in Switzerland as it is just before the snow in December / January.  So pack warm, and be prepared for rain.


Keep an eye out for my next guide on Lucerne!

Enjoy xx

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