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Introducing : Saltwater Sandals in South Africa

I spotted these amazing shoes in December last year in a magazine I was looking through.  At that stage, I had no idea where to get Saltwater Sandals in South Africa.  All I knew was that they looked incredibly comfortable, got better (yes better) the MORE you wear them and they get EVEN better if you wear them to the beach and in the water. Now I know, it actually is not the type of shoe that would immediately catch my attention with regards to style and fashionability. But something about these shoes caught my attention.

So what’s up with that?

These shoes are made from real treated leather (they don’t get soggy / hard when they get wet) and mold to your feet’s shape when they get wet.  They are available is a range of colours, and I really couldn’t decide which one I want when Saltwater Sandals South Africa gave me the choice to pick one.. so being a Tan-kinda gal I obviously chose them, because it really is so versatile!Saltwater Sandals South Africa

All shapes, colours & Sizes 

So if I had a little girl I would totally buy us matching pairs! Yes, you get these in the cutest little kiddies sizes as well..and they are apparently just a comfortable for them to wear! I am in love with the new Rose-gold they have just launched, so if you are still wondering about it – those are totally glam!

Saltwater Sandals South Africa

Picture sourced from Pinterest

Saltwater Sandals South Africa

I read a few reviews about some moms complaining that is is a bit hard to break in for their kiddies at first, but I really think this is a great shoe for kids running around playing outside.  Mine felt comfortable from the start, I didn’t even need to break them in.

Saltwater Sandals South Africa

Picture sourced from pinterest

The perfect summer shoe?

Definitely! They really go well with anything, and can go from beach to glam in a flash! To clean, you just pop them in the washing machine and voila, good as new.  So who does not want a low-maintenance, comfortable real leather shoe that you can wear all summer? Mine are going with me on all our December holiday travels!

Saltwater Sandals South Africa

So where do you get yours?

Cape-Town girls – get them @ Purr in Gardens Centre otherwise order online from www.saltwatersandals.co.za or check out other stockists here.

Some of my favourite styled Salties…

Saltwater Sandals South Africa

Picture sourced from Pinterest

Thank you Saltwater Sandals South Africa for sending me a pair of these lovely shoes!


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