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Spotlight : Petal & Post

Meet Kim.

A lady boss and enterpreneur.

The creative mind behind Petal & Post, the latest new trend to hit Cape Town, wild bunches of pretty flowers delivered to your doorstep.  No more florist bouquets or tired chain store bunches.

We are so in love with the concept behind Petal & Post, please tell us a bit more about yourself and where it all started?

Thank you, Lindi! I was living in Australia and working in my career as an Urban Planner. I wanted to deliver a ‘spur of the moment’ bunch of flowers to a friend who had had bit of a bad day. I was looking for a florist who wasn’t too expensive, and I stumbled upon a “posy delivery” company that I grew to love. The company delivered small beautiful bunches (which they call “posies”) to hundreds of girls all over the city. The bunches were more “wild” in look than the usual florists bouquet. They were simply wrapped in brown kraft paper, and included a lot of greens and indigenous flowers, and they were affordable.

Soon I was checking the site from my computer at my office job every day to see what “Today’s Posy” was (even when I wasn’t planning to order), I just loved the surprise of seeing what they had created each day. Within a few months a seed had been planted. I felt that there was space for a similar service in South Africa that delivers slightly smaller, reasonably-priced posies that are not ‘overworked’, but rather have a clean and natural ‘straight-from- the-field’ feel — and so Petal & Post came to life.

What are 5 things about Kim we need to know?

  • I’m left handed
  • I grew up in the sunny seaside town of Port Shepstone in Kwa-Zulu Natal
  • My parents and one brother live in Perth, Australia and I use every opportunity to do a bit of travelling on route to Perth – so far I’ve had holidays in Singapore, Bali, Thailand, Myanmar, Mauritius, Sydney and Dubai. Really hoping to tick India and Nepal off the list soon!
  • I’m addicted to Liquorice Allsorts and tuna. My friends tease me about the number of tuna tins I go through a week.
  • I have another brother, Cole, who is doing amazing work with endangered wild dogs for Wildlife Act in Hluhluwe Umfolozi Game Park. I’m really proud of him.
Petal & Post Cape Town

Kim at work selecting flowers.

For those that do not know yet, could you please tell us how Petal & Post works?

The idea behind P&P is really simple: every Wednesday and Friday, the P&P team is up early, finding the freshest seasonal blooms in Cape Town’s flower markets and wholesalers. We create a unique style of posy, and post the picture of it at 9am (on delivery day) on Instagram, Facebook and on our website at a set price of R200 for a posy, or R400 for a double — sort of like a ‘one-day- only’ for flowers. You can order the bunch before 12pm (or before the posies sell out), or if you like our general style, you can pre-order a posy, or subscribe to receive weekly blooms that are sent to your home or office.

Petal & Post Cape Town

The selection for the day

How do you experience being a small business owner?

Being a small business owner means having to manage and run every aspect of the business: marketing, sales, finances, branding and I even do deliveries! Some days it feels a bit overwhelming, especially on days when we suddenly get a lot of orders and all of the deliveries need to be done in 4 hours! But I’ve had a fantastic support base – my partner, Paul is great with marketing and my friend Janine has been involved from the first day with making posies, crowns and doing deliveries. They are both amazing. I think it’s almost impossible to such a business completely on your own. A support base is so important. I also have a “mentor” in Australia (thanks Craig if you are reading this) who helps me with the ensuring that the financial stuff is being accurately recorded – its great to learn from someone who has been an entrepreneur his whole life.

Do you have any tips for young entrepreneurs who are looking to do their own thing?

Make sure that you are 100% passionate about your start up – it becomes your life, and you want to enjoy all the time after hours that you spend on it.

Where do you find your inspiration?

It’s always in the flowers. I absolutely love choosing the flowers on the morning of a posy run. I’m always excited to see what my supplier has on offer and I love watching the flowers change with the seasons.

Petal & Post Cape Town

Kim busy arranging the posy

For the ladies living outside of your delivery area please share some tips on how to create a pretty posy to brighten up their homes!

  • Always buy flowers that are in season – they will last the longest.
  • Cut the stems at an angle to maximize the surface area that is exposed to the water.
  • Add flower food – it really works. You can buy packs of 10 sachet the flower counters at Pick n Pay.
  • Add at least two different types of greenery to the bunch to give it a more “wild” look – penny gum and ruscus are my favourites for this.

Do you have any advice you would like to share that you have found useful in your journey to creating your brand?

Work with people who are as passionate and excited about your new brand as you are. Stephanie from AVA-Online designed my website and I could tell from the very first meeting with her that she just understood me and my concept. If your brand reflects who you are then its easy to be original. People are attracted to uniqueness, so just be yourself through the branding process and this originality will show through in your product.

If you could do anything differently what would you change?

Oh, I just wish I had more time!!! I currently still work as an Urban Planner for 3 days a week. I’m very fortunate to work in an office environment that I love, but it just means that P&P is squished into 2 days of my week and all of my evenings and weekends! As I said earlier though, it’s much easy to work after hours if your heart is in it. Mostly my “work” on P&P never feels like work at all. I’m so grateful to do something that I’m truly inspired by everyday.

Petal & Post Cape Town

A customised flower crown

Any new year’s resolutions and future plans with Petal & Post if we may ask!?

P&P is growing steadily and we hope to be open 5 days a week by the end of the 2017. We have had a few customers ask if we will ever open shop in Joburg and Durban. If it’s a big success in Cape Town, then yes, Joburg and Durban are next! My goal is to keep producing beautiful fresh posies at an affordable price. I would like South Africans to embrace flowers as an every day part of life, rather than an expensive luxury that is only for special occasions.

Purchase your posy today!


Petal & Post Cape Town

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