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Make 2017 your year : Back to Work Essentials


So by this time, the Summer Holidays are a far distant memory.  But I am excited, refreshed and ready to get working!  I am ready to make 2017 my year! Are you ready to make 2017 your year?

In our first newsletter of the year we sent out (make sure you subscribe NOW, weve got some awesome freebies, and more on the way!) I challenged everyone to take ownership of their lives.  Make a decision to pursue your dream, only you can do it.  Focus on finding your magic!  I know you have it in you!

My one thing this year will be to try and make everything beautiful.  My life, my relationships, my home and my heart.  I know it sounds easier said than done, but I am ready for it!

I have put together some back to work essentials which I reckon will firstly beautify your work space – and secondly make your life just a tiny bit easier.

1. A beautiful daily planner 

We at ABOL HQ are in love with this planner from [Blush Paper Company].  To think a book can bring one so much joy!  Organize your life by getting one of these, to schedule appointments and remember birthdays!

Back to work essentials

Weekly Edit from Blush Paper Company

2. A desk plant

If there is one thing that Pantone 2017 color of the year inspired me to do, its to bring more greenery to my everyday life.  I am getting a desk plant, a big green desk plant.  This will instantly make your dull work space bright and alive!

Back to work essentials

3. Inspiring quotes

Print out some quotes which inspire and motivate you and stick them up on your wall or pin the to you work cubicle.  If you have neither, you can put a quote in a frame and let it stand on your desk or you can use it as you wallpaper on your PC or phone!

(Check out our free downloadable wallpaper quotes + calendar when you sign up!)

Back to work Essentials

An inspiring wallpaper

4. Stationery

Who knew that this could brighten up your space!  If you love stationary, then you should seriously get your hands on some smooth writing pink pens and some of these awesome goodies!

5. A functional coffee plunger with a good roast

Something we all need to start a busy day, is a good cup of coffee!  Nowadays you get the most beautiful plungers! My favorite is the rose gold one from Woolworths.  Also make sure you get a strong fairtrade roast filter coffee to make your day start with the intense aroma of great coffee!

6.  A lifestyle shake

I don’t know about you, but holiday eating has got me all bloated!  I love using the Annique Lifestyle shake to get back on track with healthy eating plus the shake gives you a great energy boost as well as all the needed vitamins you need after eating so badly! It also tastes really great without all the hidden sugars contained in many other shakes.

Let me know what else you think I need to add to my list!

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