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Updating my chest of drawers

The quick and easy white wash technique is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the outdated chest of drawers in your living room and Granny B  chalk paint. We are busy with revamping our house completely and I am slowly figuring out the look and feel of my lounge: Modern, but with a bohemian twist is what I like to call it! With my love for Delft blue clearly visible, I want my lounge area to be inviting, interesting and comfortable.

My parents bought me this practical and spacious chest of drawers (see the pic on the left) while I was on varsity. It really served me well!! But with our new house in play, it needed a revamp.  Luckily I have a few bottles of Granny B chalk paint in my craft box and within a afternoon my husband and I created the beauty on the right!

I mixed 2 parts of grey (Hurricane) with one part of the blue/green (Teacup Green) coloured paint in a small bowl, stirring until the colours were completely mixed and a blueish grey. I took out the drawers and started painting all surfaces (except the drawers as we are sanding them!) using straight downward stokes. Use enough paint on your brush as chalk paint can be quite dry. After the first coat is completely dry, go for a second time and apply the another coat of paint in the same direction as the first time. I did not use wax to seal the paint because I like the matt finish. The coarse feel of the paint if not sealed with wax can bother some people - like my husband! But I overruled him on this one!

Now that I mention my husband - he borrowed my father-in-law's rotary sander for a few other projects around the house last weekend. And what a score! He sanded the drawers within an hour. The rotary sander made the job a whole lot easier, cleaner and faster. It is definitely on my DIY-tools wishlist! I applied 2 layers of Woodoc Wax to give the wood a clean matt finish, while still feeding the wood. If you like the more traditional shinier finish you can use wood varnish. I do not use this on any of my furniture as the wax really brings out the beautiful grains and "personality" of the wood without changing its look. Woodoc Wax does the same to wood as mascara to your lashes - its main aim is to accentuate!

Since I love the blue and white combo I decided to go with stunning door knobs from Poetry. The knobs are really well priced and makes a huge difference in the overall finish of the drawers. Don't you just love the result!!!

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