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Spotlight : Apostrophe Bath & Body

I absolutely love featuring women like this.  Lately, we have been so lucky to put the spotlight on many young womenpreneurs!

So today, meet Katherine.  Owner of Apostrophe Bath & Body.

Although she finds it difficult to explain, she is a wife, animal lover, business owner, a creative spirit and a nomad.  She grew up in Swaziland & Uganda but was born in Durban, and ended up at UCT where she met her husband.  After a few years in the mother city they moved back to Durban and are currently calling it home with their crazy bunch of cats and dogs for three years.  But the nomad spirit coming through, they are excited to be moving to Nelspruit (I love that place) !  Kath has always been dabbing at creativity and making soaps for a hobby, which luckily now morphed into her own business!

5 things about Kath not many people know…

  1. I am a messy perfectionist, yes that combination exists and it drives me crazy
  2. Growing up in Uganda had such a huge impact on my life. I definitely identify more as a ‘child of the world’ as apposed to South African, there is a lot I struggle to identify with here, for example I still learn new South African slang every day, especially being in Durban – Kiff bru!
  3. I did a degree in social sciences and am also a qualified teacher
  4. I cant eat anything green, the thought is actually turning mystomach (ok other then pesto – I love pesto)
  5. My family means the world to me so it’s quite hard that we are all so spread out, my parents are in Knysna, I’m soon to be in Nelspruit and my one sister is in Canada and another in Kloof. My husbands family is just as spread out, so there’s always a lot of organization involved for family events.

Katherine’s love for body products initially stemmed from a desire to be creative.  She bought her first soap making book while studying and started off with a few interesting looking batches.. After using the soap and recognizing the difference it made to her skin she created Apostrophe.

Like so many of us Kath started out with some 8-5 jobs and just never felt entirely fulfilled.  She then took a leap of faith when hearing they were about to move to Nelspruit and started her own thing that she was truly passionate about.  I have such big admiration for people like Kath who can step out and make that jump!

She loves it when she gets positive customer responses telling her the difference it has made to their skin, or that they just love the soap!  Apostrophe is for individuals looking for a more natural, cruelty-free soap with a creative and unique edge.

If you are looking to find these incredible soaps you can shop online at Faithful to Nature, and if you are in the area, at Boutique Belong in La Lucia Mall , the Umhlanga Health Shop and the Umhlanga Rocks Superspar. She is planning to expand to more health shops and boutiques across the country in the coming months.

Now I know some of you are sitting reading this and really want to start your own business.  So we asked Kath for some tips.

  • If you are passionate about it – DO IT! I have never looked back.
  • Passion fuels you in an unbelievable way, I work long hours and I am the creator, producer, cleaner, packer, social media manager and themarketer. You have to be able to juggle these roles and have a vision for your brand.
  • Also, don’t listen to the naysayers. The looks and raised eyebrows I occasionally get when I say ‘I make soap’ haha, it’s one of those things that some people just don’t understand, and that’s ok. It’s your vision and you just need to stay true to yourself and your product and accept that not everyone is going to get it.

Kath sent us 2 very different bars, different in appearance and in use.

Apostrophe Bath & Body

Our Tea-Riffic Bar is infused with pure tea tree oil, tea tree oil is a natural antibacterial and is excellent for a variety of skin ailments.

Apostrophe Bath & body

Our Pastel Hills bar, this bar is infused with ylang ylang, ylang ylang is a soothing scent that is quite feminine and has calming properties similar to lavender.


For more info on these lovely products you can check out Kath’s website! And please let us know if you would like to see any other young creative business owners featured!



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