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First Market Tips

First Market Tips

So, you have decided to take up the big task of having a stall at an upcoming market.  And while you are frantically busy with getting your products ready, and really excited about it your first time..there is obviously a bit of uncertainty and lots of questions!

Before we did our first market, I tried to read up about what other people found useful.  Like stuff to take with, how to pack, what to do and say..and what not to do!  Although I found a lot of content and help, I found that very little was focused on the South African Market.

We are fortunate to know a few makers who have done quite a few markets and asked them for some tips.

Meet your makers:

Marlese from MIES

Have been doing markets for almost a 9 years.

Imari from ARK Workshop

Have been doing markets for almost a year.

Karien from KVL Designs

Have been doing markets for almost a year an a half.

Us from Burst & co.

Have been doing markets for almost a 6 months.

Tips & Tricks

  • Never have a chair at your stall.  It immediately makes you look tired and automatically want to be on your phone.  If you really need a chair, get a high bar chair behind your counter.
  • NO Cellphones!
  • Always look busy, moving stuff around, cleaning and making your stall neat. 
  • Moving your products around constantly helps people that comes past for a second time see other products they didn't see before.

First Market Tips

  • Train your assistants well if you have someone that is helping you. They need to know the products as well as you do.  Tell them to pretend that it is their stall while you are not there.
  • Be friendly and helpful at all times! Don't be scared and shy. 
  • Make sure your space looks pretty and inviting.  Less is more.  Don't overcrowd your stall.
  • Mark all your product prices clearly, and be careful to not to make it too expensive.
  • Create a stock list and take stock before and after the market.  You often get so busy during the market that you forget to write down what you just sold.

First Market Tips

  • We have a big selection of products on consignment at our stall, so we have found it much easier to clearly mark the stock code and price on the tag, and when it sells, write it down immediately.
  • Get a market box/crate where you have all your stationery, hand sanitizer, wipes, gum and other needed items.  Each time just make sure you have this box!  We call it the Admin box.
  • Do your stock take as soon as you can after the market.  If something sold that you didn't get the chance to write down you might still remember it.

Click here to download and print your free market planner

Some things we & the makers love about markets:

  • To see everyone's creativity and hard work.
  • You get to meet amazing people at markets, which later become your friends.
  • It's always fun to set up and create a beautiful space.
  • When a client gives you positive feedback about your products and your stall!


What we don't like:

  • Stock Take the next day.
  • Packing up at the end of a market when you are tired!
  • Some of us try to ignore the financial side 😉
  • Rude customers.


If you love this, please share it with all your friends!  And let us know of any other tips you have found useful!

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