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How to care for you leather bags and accessories

I don’t know about you, but I love all leather products. The quality, timelessness and total sophistication make any simple, elegantly designed leather product (may it be a bag, belt, or shoes!) a must have item.

Leather is just so versatile and has so much personality without trying to hard! For instance, my leather Rowdy bag is full-on mine: It has taken on my character and my style throughout the years. Every leather product has its own sense of adventure and story to tell. And, if well look after, leather products can last a life-time. It actually becomes more beautiful when well looked after!

So here are a few tips for caring for your leather bags and accessories:

  • The best way to clean any built up dirt would be to wipe it down carefully with a soft, slightly damp cloth and leave to dry – this applies to the leather as well as the lining and buckles.
  • Do not expose your bag to too much water – Natural leather is not waterproof! If your bag has become wet (by accident of course!) do not try to dry it with heat. Let the leather dry naturally after using a dry cloth to absorb access water.
  • Our favourite “moisture cream” for our leather items is Dubbin. Dubbin is a wax product will soften, condition and waterproof leather. It is different from shoe polish, which is used to impart shine and colour to leather. It is sufficient to only “dubbin” you bag once a year.
  • If you don’t like Dubbin, apply beeswax to your bag to create a protecting and slight waterproof layer. Beeswax might change the colour or hue of the leather, so use it carefully.  Test it first on a small part at the bottom of your bag.
  • Just make sure the Dubbin/beeswax or whatever product your prefer is completely absorbed before wearing your belt or using your bag again – you may just ruin that little white dress of yours!
  • When not using your bag DO NOT store or keep it in direct sunlight. This will dry the leather.
  • When applying hand cream (as you anyway regularly do), slightly rub your hands over small scratches on your bag. The moisture of the cream, and you skin’s natural oils, will feed the leather a little. Its like a kiss on your loved one’s “eina”!

Now you have no excuses! 😉

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