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What’s on your travel bucket list?

I am forever dreaming about traveling and the places I want to visit. After having the privilege of doing a Euro tour about 3 years ago I have this hole in my heart - just wanting to stroll the streets of Paris again, visiting the most prettiest of Delft stores in Amsterdam and standing in awe, staring at the snow-capped mountains in Lauterbrunnen (Switzerland) while drinking my morning coffee. Oh my heart aches!

My Husband and I have a few places on our travel wishlist, but some of them will not be do-able in the near future due to budget restrictions. We have a list of travel destinations that might be within our reach this year or next year. And are we dreaming! We are trying our best to save up. We also surf the internet daily to look for special traveling deals or just to bask in the beautiful write-ups and photos we find of these wonderful places.

See our "maybe this year" bucket-list below, with some of the pictures I found on the internet to underline just why I can not wait to go there:


Oh, how I have always dreamed of having a tropical holiday. With a diving excursion the morning, cocktails over lunch and long hours of slowly exploring my unfamiliar environment. Thailand has loads of fancy and luxurious accommodation available for quite affordable prices. That is a definite plus, and one of the main reasons Thailand is on our bucket list. If everything goes according to plan - we will be able to save up the money to go on this holiday. The second reason is the unspoiled beauty of the country and the wide range of paradisaical islands to choose from. To go island hopping will be a dream come true!

Morocco - In particular Marrakech

Marrakesh offers a sense of adventure and a vibrant atmosphere that I so deeply wants to explore. When hearing "Marrakesh" I think of its lively environment, souvenirs, historic attractions and great architecture, beautiful mosaic and adventure. Or that is what I hear! I would love to visit a Souk - it is a place where Moroccan goods and merchandise such as craft work, ornaments, jewelry, beautiful fabrics, and carpets are sold. And of course the famous spice markets! We should have to go with empty bags it seems 😉 


OK, so this one is on my list because there is a good chance my husband will have to opportunity to go there for work in the near future. And then I will love to climb in his bag and travel along. The main reason obviously being the pyramids that we all learned about while in primary school. The Great Pyramid of Giza (the largest of the three) is the oldest and is the only one of the “Seven Wonders of the Ancient World” which is still standing...I think this is good enough reason to make the trip! I would also love to see the Great Sphinx and take a trip on the Nile river. I'm holding both my thumbs for us to get this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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