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Home Inspiration : DIY Kitchen ideas

We have just bought our first house and obviously the first thing I started doing was pinning all kinds of home inspiration ideas!! We are lucky to be moving into a newly built home, where we can choose some of the fittings. Not as freedom of choice I would like and I had to settle on some things due to budget constraints.

But since making peace with the things we cannot change, I am excited to DIY the heck out of what I can change! This made me think of everyone else who is also stuck with certain things in their homes they can't change.

So starting off with what I believe is the heart of the house: the kitchen. Here are some of my DIY Kitchen Ideas of how to change it into a million dollar looking kitchen. While staying within budget!

1. Lighting

This is often such an understated thing in many homes! With the correct lighting, you can make your kitchen look a hundred times better! Add some strip lights or downlighters underneath your cupboards to provide lighting on your counters. Get gorgeous pendant lights to hang above your kitchen island, or go very modern with naked bulbs. 

Builders has a wide range of lighting options, as do Mr Price Home, @Home and Eurolux.

Here are some of my favorite inspiration pictures from Pinterest.

2. Shelving

One thing most women will agree on is that their kitchen never has enough cupboards! It is not always budget or space friendly to install more cupboards.  Lately, I have fallen in love with open shelving.  It creates more than enough space to store some of your most beautiful dishes or glassware that you've often been forced to hide away due to limited space! 

3. Tiles & Tile Stickers

Just as effective as ligthing is changing your tiles.  Now I know it is not always possible to simply break out all tiles and replace them with new ones...  But luckily you get something like tile stickers!  Tile stickers can add such a fun and unique look to your kitchen!  I love these ideas below. Some of these are now available in South Africa from Robin Sprong

4. Greenery

Adding a touch of greenery to your kitchen can instantly bring new life.  Not that much of a green finger gal?  Luckily there are many hard to kill houseplants out there!  Stuff one in a basket or a pretty pot and place it in your kitchen for a fresh new look.  For the more daring: Try planting herbs in a box close to light.  I've found these images on Pinterest and would love to have a version of this in my new kitchen!

I hope you have found some inspiration to jazz up your kitchen.  If you are still looking for ideas, why not just type in Kitchen on Pinterest and go crazy pinning... You will easily pick up a trend or style in things you like, by looking at all your overall pins which will also help you to create your dream kitchen. 

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