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Home Inspiration : DIY Bedroom ideas

DIY Bedroom Ideas

In my previous home inspiration post I shared some tips about DIY projects you can take on at home to make your kitchen feel modern and homey (read it here).  So today I am sharing the next version - Home Inspiration for Bedrooms.  

I am really trying to incorporate some budget friendly options, so that anyone can try them out and create a beautiful space at home.  

In the hustle and bustle of life it is worthwhile to spend some money to create a quite sanctuary in your home.  Where you can come to after a long day at work, just to unwind and relax.  To me that is our main bedroom,  I want this to be a quiet, beautiful and restful room.  By spending money on the little things you can create a sanctuary!  If your main bedroom is already this, why not try some of these tips in your guest bedroom, and make your guests feel like they are special and spoiled in a luxurious room.

1. A headboard

A headboard can instantly glam up your bedroom! This is such an understated piece in any bedroom! 

This furniture piece really does not need to break the bank! If you are looking for a plush cushion headboard you can either buy this from a furniture shop, or try out the DIY I found here.  

I love bringing a touch of wood into the mix, so I am definitely going to try one of these ideas, which were created just by using a plain hardboard sheet bought at a builders shop.

Have a look at the difference a headboard makes in a room on my inspiration pictures from Pinterest.

2. Shelving

As I mentioned in my Kitchen inspiration post shelving can be a great way to display some beautiful pieces.  If you are not a fan of a headboard this is also a great way to make a feature.  This is also great if you are currently renting and are not allowed to really drill holes, so keep it to the minimum with a shelve and organise all your frames on it.

This also creates some extra storage which I am sure we all can do with! 😉

3. Lighting

Lighting, lighting, lighting!!!

A small thing such as this can make such a big impact on your abode! Soft and warm lighting will create a peaceful atmosphere.  If you can, invest in a dimmer switch!  Otherwise try out one of these ideas:

  • Why not add some lights underneath the shelving you are putting up as in point 2? This is a great substitute for bedside lamps.
  • While putting up the wood headboard as in point 1, add some hooks with naked bulbs / hanging lights.
  • Invest in some contemporary bedside lamps to create a statement.

4. Bedding & Scatter Cushions

Have you ever woken up at a hotel or B&B and wondered why it feels like you had the most amazing nights rest? I definitely think bedding has a great deal to do with this.  These places usually invest in quality percale or Egyptian cotton, which feels amazing when you get into bed, folds and soothes your skin, not to even start with the amazing pillows. Have you read our review on the Franschoek Boutique Hotel?  That bed must have been one of the greatest I have slept in to date! 

I strongly believe in investing in good quality bedding, which is something you will use every single day of your life.  Which kind of makes it worthwhile to buy good quality from the start.  We are crushing on The Pure Cotton Shop Organic range of bedding.  It is luxuriously soft, and chemical free (read more here).  When making such an investment, I would definitely suggest going with white. It is much easier to clean (a warm wash and some vanish for spots) and you can change it up by introducing colorful scatter cushions which you can change with the seasons.

5. Some other things

King Sized Pillows.

Yes. I know, they seem so over the top but man, these are amazing.  Once you have one you will wonder why you have never had them before.  They make your bed look so good, are super comfy and it feels like heaven when you just want to take a nap and cuddle a pillow.  You can buy them here.

Bed Side Tables

Now I know this should have its whole own section - but I have always struggled with this.  I have too many little things lying around on mine that I feel I need something that definitely has drawers to hide all of that! But a bedside table depends on your liking.  Some people like simplistic, others like big bulgy ones.  So it really depends on taste and the look of your bedroom, as well as the size you have available.  Many people forget bedside tables in their guest bedrooms which can make it very uncomfortable for guests.  It is always useful to ask your guests after they have stayed over what they would have liked in their room, just to make it nice for them to stay over again!

I am really having so much fun writing these posts and sharing ideas about how to update my home with you.  Please let me know in the comments what you think?  Or if you have some tips to add 🙂

*The featured image was taken from Studio McGee which by the way do amazing work!! And the others are all on Pinterest.

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