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Blanket Ladder DIY

I am going to lie if I tell you this DIY was done by me. I am the one who decided we need this practical piece of furniture, but my very capable husband is the one who executed this DIY.  "We" made this blanket ladder in a jiffy using just a few simple items that can be bought at any building supplies store. 

On your shopping list:

  • 2 x 2.5-meter wooden poles (15mm in diameter)
  • 6 copper T-pieces
  • 4 copper pipe end caps
  • paint (I used my favourite white Granny B Chalk paint)

Cut the wooden poles to size: 45cm pieces works great. Two of our pieces ended up a bit longer - we were too lazy to cut them to size at the end and used them at the bottom of the ladder.

Paint the wooden poles: Paint the poles evenly and neatly to ensure a beautiful finish. Let the poles dry completely before assembling your ladder.

Assemble your ladder: Fit the rods tightly into the T-pieces. We used some masking tape to ensure an extra tight fit. End off with the end-caps.

Voila! Start throwing on those throws and blankets to create more space in the living room. The ladder is perfect for the bathroom for hand towels. It will even come in handy in the guestroom to make their towels easily available.

Please let us know if you have any cool DIY projects for us to try! We are constantly on the lookout for more DIY ideas and home decor inspiration. xx


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