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Home Inspiration : DIY Bathroom ideas

Naturally, the last place one tends to want to spend money on is a bathroom.  If it works why spend money to make it better? Oh I can tell you what a big impact a bathroom makeover will have on your home! Yes, bathroom makeovers can be very expensive.  If we had to buy everything we wanted, rip out all the old stuff, I would not be writing this post on DIY Bathroom Renovation Ideas.

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1. A Statement Mirror

Mirrors are great statement pieces.  You can use large mirrors in tiny rooms to make them look bigger, they reflect light and open up spaces.  If you are up for it, even go for wall to wall mirrors if you have a small bathroom. It will instantly brighten and open up the room.

Don't be afraid to make a mirror the focal point of the room, nowadays you really get stunning mirrors at decent prices!

2. Funky Fittings

Lately copper and brass taps have been trending, and I personally love it! Although they can come in a bit pricey.  I would suggest shopping around for some new taps and shower heads until you find one you really love.  This can make a huge difference in your bathroom, immediately changing the look and feel.  They say it is all in the detail!

Even pay attention to the knobs you have on your cupboards in the bathroom.  These can also easily (and rather cheap) be changed to update your look and feel.

3. Open shelving

If you are looking to add more storage space to your bathroom, why not install some floating shelves, or use our DIY wall ladder to store your beautiful towels and accessories?  A great space saver is adding shelves above your toilet.  As this usually becomes "dead space".  

Add some plants and baskets to your shelves to create an earthy look and feel.


4. Keep it clean and simple

When starting the process of redecorating your bathroom, decide on say 3 or 4 basic colors and textures.  Work with these to create a clean and simplistic look, and it will prevent overcrowding and complicating the design.  A bathroom should be cool and calm, and even if you chose to go with one darker colour, stick with it and choose lighter colours for the rest.  By doing this you focus on creating a beautiful simplistic bathroom!


*The featured image was taken from That Kind of Woman dont you just love it?!! And the others are all on Pinterest.

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