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What no one tells you about being pregnant…

Before being given the amazing gift of being pregnant, I always imagined pregnancy as being a blissfully glamorous time in my life. Obviously.  Everyone talks about the little miracle that happened and the glow, your preggy belly and feeling the baby kick etc. etc. But seriously, no one understands morning sickness till you’ve had it (and don’t get me wrong, we are incredibly thankful and so grateful for the baby God has blessed us with)

  1. Morning Sickness – yes it makes you feel absolutely terrible. And yes some people actually really throw up.. and yes it can go on past the first trimester… Now that we’ve clarified it, I have to be honest, I don’t even have it that bad but believe me having a constant nauseating feeling is absolutely terrible.  Some tips:
    • I have found having a salty crack cookie first thing in the morning, does wonders.  Pack them in your bag because don’t go too long without food and you might just be nauseous again.. Pregnancy plays this sly game where you can’t eat because you are nauseous, then you are even more nauseous because you haven’t eaten all day.  So try and snack a little all day. (Some people prefer a sweet biscuit, or a ginger cookie)
    • Ginger helps curb nausea so drink ginger tea, ginger beer or ginger ale.
    • At this stage in your pregnancy eat what your body is asking for, I know it is ideal to start eating very healthy now, but normally your body will crave what it needs. Especially if you are struggling to eat from nausea.
  2. Cravings – Before I became pregnant I tried to eat healthily.  We stayed away from high-carb foods and ate more proteins and veggies.  So guess what I am craving most? Pasta, and bread and hamburgers and chips.  So goodbye healthy eating.  Especially in the first trimester, you gotta let go a bit and listen to your body.  Especially if you are having a hard time eating, when you feel like having something, go ahead and eat it.  Cut yourself some slack!  You have a tiny little human growing inside of you, and they thrive on carbs!
  3. Going to sleep tired and waking up tired – I have never felt such a lack of energy in my entire life! I literally wake up some mornings feeling like I have not slept an hour.  Some days are better, and some not so much.  But once again now is the perfect excuse to take is slow and relax more.  Your body is using so much of your energy to perfectly create the baby inside of you, and for the first trimester depends on your energy to do this.
  4. A changing body – One day my jeans still fit and the next day they didn’t.  I never thought I would need maternity clothes this early on in my pregnancy..seriously? Having a full-time job also doesn’t make it easier as you can’t exactly go to work in your sweatpants even if its the only thing that fits!  The first trimester and first half of the second trimester is also such an awkward stage because people might wonder if you’ve packed on some extra kilos or maybe you might be pregnant..But once again – I am embracing these changes and seeing it as the perfect opportunity to shop for a new winter wardrobe! As I will be my biggest in winter I am trying to build up some classic pieces that I will still be able to wear afterward.  Oh and boobs? Yes, they hurt and they are getting huge, not so fun.  (Wasnt this only supposed to happen later!?) Luckily we have some great local brands as well as H&M (big thumbs up for them in this department) for maternity wear and I have found some great pieces!
  5. It’s not all about you anymore – after hearing that first heart beat I realised that I really need to take care of myself and this little being growing inside of me.  Everything I do and eat affects the baby in some way.  If I get sick, it can be really harmful to the baby and I need to take care of myself.  You as a life-growing mama should embrace this time, take it slow, pamper yourself, take it easy and just relax.  The first trimester can be tough on you but it goes by! And so many have done it before and will do it after..and if this is your first baby (like mine) the second one might be completely different! Yeah just when you thought you had the hang of it…

The most wonderful thing to me about having the privilege to carry a child is that God knows what the plan is with this little baby, and He has already woven together every intricate little part before we even knew it existed.  This gives me so much peace in knowing that He is in control, and He trust us enough to be this little ones parent on earth.

*thank you to my beautiful cousin for allowing me to use her gorgeous maternity shoot photos by Minke Booysen.

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